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Worldliness , the love story of love and Sanjay Jadhav ‘ Ray, you ‘



Sai Tamhankar, Swwapnil Joshi and Tejaswini PanditWorldliness , pyaravali lavhastori or movies  on the box-office response was good.  the audience ‘ love ‘,’ friendship ‘ or the relationship between the two they believe they are being taught in the films. Pyaravali lavhastorine love of the world have taken a unique  journey brought about the friendship duniyadarine. Both the film maker, Sanjay Jadhav yetayata another before taking your lavhastori. Nukatacam fell across the recording of the song or cinema romentika auspicious beginning.

Ray, you   think this is the name of the film Swapnil Joshi , Sai Tamhankar , Tejaswini Pandit major role will see you. Ajivasana recording ganyaca happened in the movie. Ekandaraca romentika Saga of the music director  and Pankaj are amitaraja padaghana. Guru Thakur said lihiliahe film songs. The recording of the song that started directing amitaraja song. This song has been conducted, the ideal Shinde’s voice.
The film is the story written by manasvini Lata Ravindra  Karan Entertainment  and  Indian Films studio and Sanjay Jadhav driminga  film will be produced under the banner of 24/7. Worldliness , any film you will see a similar pyaravali lavhastori starakasta tagadi. Sanjay Jadhav any audience will no doubt sinemacam dementia alone.This  year,   in the month of September  will be out of your movie. Hold the stretch and warmth  you this ray  film …


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