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MTI News is a part a MTI  NEWS Wire and  is the lucrative aspect of  Mumbai region that offers solutions to all kinds of news requirements at  reasonable rates. News is the vital means of creating the supreme blend of ‘awareness’ and ‘knowledge’ in the world. MTI plays a dynamic role to distribute news from Mumbai. We help the specialized news channels and website’s to deliver quality and first hand news for their niche audience. Doesn’t the accurate first-hand information matters the most?

“We believe in providing trustworthy and immaculate information”

Our prime objective have always been to create a better and an eminence platform by gathering news and information to interact with your audience for the benefit of ‘retail’ media. Consequently the costs involved in distribution and congregation of news reduces.


We meet your versatile requirements as a news agency

  • Editorial outsourcing
  • Media monitoring services
  • News photography and video requirments
  • Edited or raw footage requirements
  • Digital or text news requisite’s
  • For the mumbai media

The executive suite from MTI fits your news needs from Mumbai. We provide value information and headlines to your audience through external/ internal websites, wireless services and other interactive applications.

Use of multimedia: With MTI audio and video, you can access a wide range of top news, story packages or specific category news in Mumbai from entertainment, politics, lifestyle, technology, business to sports and many more. MTI is reputed and outstanding for its news photography. You can give life to your news through the captivating graphics and high standard photographs taken by MTI’s proficient team. We also offer news in the form of graphics and photographs with custom messages.

Text: MTI provides all kinds of news in text format also. We deliver the news coverage with flexibility

Finance and Business: MTI provides the complete coverage of the major companies and MNC’s in Mumbai. Subsequently, your audience and your team can customize the financial tools from portfolio’s to stock watch lists.

Elections: MTI is the prodigious news source that covers the news related to a specific candidate, elections and its results across India. We provide the political coverage throughout the year, details about the candidates, campaigns and accurate statistics at a very reliable price

Entertainment: Let your customers enjoy the access to up to date entertainment news, interviews, stories about their favorite celebrities, photos, video/audio clippings of Bollywood events, on location shooting, Sound Recording, Press conferences etc. with MTI entertainment reporting.

Travel: We offer an exquisite coverage on all the famous travel destinations in and around India

Lifestyle: With MTI, you can offer wide range of topics to your readers from fashion, health, food, lifestyle etc. Ask us any topic that your viewers want to see often, we have that in our stack.

Sports: We even provide comprehensive coverage on live sports, events, headlines related to news and dynamic scores, while the match is going on anywhere in Mumbai

News Partners: MTI News have tie up with BUSINESS WIRE INDIA, PR NEWSWIRE and NEWSVOIR  they are authoritative source of news for more than decades and  distribute News to more than 200,000 media points and 15,000 Websites, offering the most ways to reach your audience online and offline.

We not only serve our customers with the basic quality information, but also provide solutions for technological outlets, content management requirements and distribution of ideas. Subsequently, you can step ahead with a stronger hand in the competitive market and achieve the customer’s loyalty.