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Siddhanth Kapoor meets with an accident on the sets of Bombairiya



Film sets often turn out to be much more accident prone then most would assume. One such incident occurred on the 5th day of shoot on the sets of Bombairiya. Siddhanth Kapoor who was recently seen in the critically acclaimed film Ugly is part of an eclectic star cast which includes Radhika Apte, Akshay Oberoi, Shilpa Shukla and Ravi Kishan. The young actor took a tumble and hurt himself on set.Siddhanth’s character will be seen in the film riding a Pink Scooter.  The actor was going for a shot where the courier boy he plays has to escape at speed. He managed a stunt on day two of shoot and wanted to give it another go.  This time some loose concrete made the bike slide and part company with the actor.

Director Pia Sukanya thought she would have to call it a day but Siddhanth applied an ice pack to the rapidly swelling knee and being the true professional he is went on to do a running sequence and complete his scenes literally saving the day for the makers.

A surprisingly positive Siddhanth said, “I am really picky about the projects that I sign but the ones I do sign I have complete faith in and will do all within my power to make the project a success.  Accidents happen on sets all the time but I don’t want the schedule to go to waste if it is in my power to go on. The scooter is an extension of my character in the film and this accident has actually managed to forge a real relationship between me and my ride.”

“I was scared out of my wits when I saw the accident happen. It was weird how Siddhanth was actually pacifying and telling me that he will be alright when I should have been doing that for him. His energy and dedication is such an asset to the film.” Said the director Pia.

 Indian born British producer Michael Ward was also impressed with the actor’s commitment. ” Sid fell heavily and we were all initially very concerned about him while he was busy worrying about the schedule going to waste. He has proved to be a real trooper and his passion for the role is clear to see. Thankfully we have two days break coming up when he can rest the leg.”