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#MyLifeMyYoga: Twitter celebrates #InternationalYogaDay with emoji



Ahead of International Yoga Day 2020, Twitter has launched a custom emoji to celebrate the much-loved physical, mental and spiritual practice on the service. People can trigger this emoji by using #InternationalYogaDay2020, #InternationalYogaDay, #YogaDay2020, #YogaDay, #MyLifeMyYoga, #योगदिवस, #अंतर्राष्ट्रीययोगदिवस in their Tweets.

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The health benefits of yoga have led to its worldwide acceptance and popularity, embellishing Twitter Home timelines with pictures and videos of sun salutations and other popular yoga stretches, poses and asanas. 

Well-known voices from the world of entertainment and sports have been Tweeting to share their yoga sessions, from basic wellness moves to rigorous physical exercises, they have it all covered. Here’s a look at people practising yoga to relax, rejuvenate and find their inner calm:

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