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Celebrate World Music Day and International Yoga Day with leading LIVE streaming app JL Stream



One of the significant ways to stay fit is through physical stress-busting activities. If these activities are as fun as just doing the Bhangra or Butterfly steps, staying healthy becomes easier and more captivating. Against the same backdrop, JL Stream – a social LIVE streaming app, is gearing up to celebrate, not one but two, fun, rich, and definitely rejuvenating global festive days, aka World Music Day and International Yoga Day.

Since the United Nations General Assembly declared that June 21 would be celebrated as International Yoga Day, it has been celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about the importance of yoga in day to day life. This year, JL (Jaldi Live) Stream and popular TV actress Kavita Kaushik, commonly known as Chandramukhi Chautala from the sitcom FIR, will be conducting a LIVE yoga session through the JL app. Yoga enthusiast Kavita Kaushik is a fitness inspiration for everyone and will be sharing her expertise and experience via this session.

Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is celebrated every year to honour amateur and professional musicians alike. This year with #JLMusicalMelody, the brand aims to provide streamers with an opportunity to groove on melodies in distinctive ways. The best part is that JL streamers will broadcast their content, and the brand will handsomely reward the host with the maximum unique senders with minimum 3000 coins as gifts. So, this weekend (June 20 and 21), between 7 to 11 PM, streamers can channel their inner Shakira and sing, dance, rap and recreate their favourite music tunes.

JL Stream, the Made-in-India startup, was launched in January 2021 and has already become a hit among online content creators. With over 500,000 downloads and month-on-month revenue exceeding 100,000 USD, the app is already creating a benchmark in the social media live app industry.