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Mr. Arjun, CEO & 6th generation Vaidya to spend Rs 2 crore to promote Ayurvedic products



mnMr. Arjun, wants to tap the younger consumer base and create awareness in New age of Ayurveda and want to approach in Indian markets. He wants to explain benefits of the ancient medicine by Creating consumer base with various competitors around like Zandu, Baidyanath, Emami, Himalaya, Dabur and Patanjali. According to Arjun “Ayurveda as a science has seen a rise of interest in the past three-four years. From the mid ’80s to mid-2000s, Ayurveda had lost its appeal among the modern consumers. They had moved towards modern day drugs as they gave instant relief and showed remarkable results. Since then it has taken a really long time for Ayurveda to come back, thanks to the craze that has gripped the west and Europeans. Ayurveda is undergoing stage of a revival. The existence of stressful lifestyles and sedentary habits has created a new found relevance of Ayurveda in today’s generation.”
Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age Ayurvedic products business founded by a family with 150 years of Ayurvedic heritage. Over the last 150 years, Vaidya family members have passed down formulations from generation to generation and treated thousands of patients in the process. Today, the company owns 96 FDA approved formulations for Ayurvedic proprietary medicine all manufactured in-house in our own factory in Silvassa (250 km from Mumbai). At Dr.Vaidya’s we are looking to revolutionise the way Ayurvedic products are marketed. We aim to change the old school and boring manner that Ayurveda is marketed today by making this science cool, sexy, fun and aspirational for the modern consumer. Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya was one of India’s leading Ayurvedic physicians. Being a staunch advocate of Ayurvedic Herbal products, he represented Ayurveda and Indian science at numerous global conferences. In keeping with his commitment to Ayurveda, he had treated more than 300 patients a day and consulted more than 9000 patients across India and 3000 patients across the UK and Germany via post. At Dr. Vaidya’s, we endeavour to carry forward his legacy of serving our patients with same passion through our chain of Ayurvedic medical stores in Mumbai.
Dr. Vaidya’s has also launched LIVitup – Hangover Shield, which is the world’s first Ayurvedic hangover pill that also acts as a long-term liver protector. The product was originally designed as a long-term liver protector against liver lining cirrhosis. But, now it is also consumed as aan anti hangover shield by the youth. Thus, they remarketed this product to be a hangover shield that doubles up as a long-term liver protector.