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EverydaySure launches multi-brand bottled water delivery service



EverydaySure Water

E-commerce company EverydaySure, has started multi-brand bottled water delivery service through a new platform and app under the ‘EverydaySure Water’ brand, with currently ongoing trials in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. The company plans to expand its operations into over 100 cities and towns by this calendar year end. With this, ‘EverydaySure Water’ will compete against the [email protected] program backed by Bisleri International. Unlike Bisleri, which is selling only its own single brand with the [email protected] program, ‘EverydaySure Water’ is promising multi-brand bottled water delivery in 90-minutes through its platform.

‘EverydaySure Water’ offers an easy-to-shop website, mobile app, flexible delivery options, and convenient access to a variety of leading bottled water brands such as Bisleri®, Aquafina®, Kinley® Good Minute and several other water brands just a click away.

EverydaySure Water mission is to deliver healthy, convenient and multi-brand water to its customers’ doorstep with flexible delivery frequency options as per their convenience, the company executives said.