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Mr. Sanjay JadhavSterling Generators, One of the largest Manufacturer of DG Sets in Asia, provides reliable and on demand power solutions to homes or hotels, stadiums or auditoriums, complex or multiplex, arena or airports. Sterling Generators DG Sets powered by Perkins gives a comprehensive range of generators that can be used for providing mainline or back-up power to small, medium, or large scale power consumers. No power requirement is too small or too large for Sterling Generators and therefore one can be assured of uninterrupted power supply when they turn on their genset from Sterling Generators, even in the harshest of conditions.These DG sets also have the highest time between schedule preventive maintenance as compared to competition. With best in class ambient and altitude capabilities without de-rates, the commonality of components with other engines in the 4000 Series family allows reduced parts stocking levels.

Established in Peterborough in 1932, Perkins Engines are known the world over for their fuel-efficiency, ruggedness, and reliable operation under all conditions. The new generation DG sets from Sterling Generators powered by Perkins 4000 series engines are tough and durable and produce a consistence performance that will provide you electricity for years to come.

Speaking on the wide range of diesel generators manufactured by Sterling Generators, Mr. Sanjay Jadhav, President of Sterling and Wilson Powergen Pvt. Ltd. said, “Today at Sterling and Wilson Powergen Pvt. Ltd. we want to be a truly global diesel generator manufacturer. We have the confidence, technical capabilities, human resource talent, and superior infrastructure in place to achieve our ambitious goal of establishing ourselves as the market leader not only in the heavy duty commercial segment but also in the small and medium user segment as well.”

Sterling Generators is managed by a group of best minds in the Industry who bring in a Solutions-Oriented approach and the latest in Technology to their customers and are backed by a state-of-the art manufacturing facility at Silvassa. Sterling Generators enjoys the trust and excellent relationships with their customers, operating in India through four Regional Hubs and 17 Branch offices and have opened offices in Dubai, Nigeria and Australia as they foray into the Exports market, which will be the focus area for the company in near future. It has a Pan India Network of trained Service Engineers across the country that are responsible for providing un-interrupted power to their customers and are available 24*7.