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I feel privilege that RTV team got opportunity to do Google hang out for Prime Minister Narendra Modi – Mr Sharma



Mr.Sunil Sharma, President of Mumbai Photographer’s Association ( MPA ) and Vice President of  Lions Club Of Mumbai Aabeer, and  Founder of RTV  is a multi-talented personality who is very much busy with his talented team in today’s Internet era. recently they had done Google hang out for Honorable  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it was a privileged moment.

Mti News, Editor in Chief Mr. Riyaz Ahmed got the opportunity to interview Mr. Sunil Sharma according to him ”  LIFE IS ALL ABOUT STRUGGLE, BUT STRUGGLE IS  A KEY OF SUCCESS “.

Mr.Sunil  Sharma Said to me, Photography is an art of Observation. It’s about finding something interesting in common places. I have found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. It is rightly said that ” QUALITY IS NOT AN ACCIDENT, IT IS A RESULT OF THE RIGHT EFFORTS”

Mr. Sharma started photography as a hobby and he didn’t expect it to turn into a profession. his interest in photography was ignited when he was very young, in those days he used to watch a TV serial ‘Karamchand’ and while watching it he was able to observe and enjoy the way the cameraman used to shoot the various scenes from different angles of the serial the way he shot was so unique then a  film called Jalwa starring Naseeruddin Shah and this film was shot with the same camera team, co-incidentally cameraman name was also Sunil Sharma which connected him and inspired more interest in photography.

Mr. Sharma’s elder brother noticed his passion and gifted him a Russian-made Zenith camera, He was overjoyed and took a lot of photos and realized that he can do much better for which he needed proper training. His luck took him to Madras (Chennai) Rajkamal Studios where he took training for a year and then came back to Bombay (Mumbai) and his journey started he became a member of CINE STILL TV & MOTION PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION.

He got his first opportunity to work for a serial called ” Mr. Dhansukh”  Renowned Actor  Kader khan was the main lead and then his journey in the film industry started. Mr. Sharma’s friend (MANU) who is the nephew of superstar Govinda introduced him to him as a photographer, Mr.Sharma learned a lot and his talent was recognized by many directors and at just the age of 25 years, he became a part of the film industry as a Still Photographer. Mr. Sharma said that ” working with superstars was  Dream come true. Govindaji is technically very strong and always guided me.”

Mr. Sunil Sharma had started his professional journey with a lot of confidence though he was only SSC passed and diploma holder in Audio Video and lots of determination and hard work  He turned his hobby into a profession and doing a remarkable job with his team for the last 25 years of his life by capturing many Films, Serials, Events, and Weddings, etc.

Mr.Sunil  Sharma further added that he got a wonderful opportunity to work for Mrs. SmitaThackeray’s  ” Rahul productions”  for 10 years who makes Marathi serials. From Still photographer to Designer to Second unit Cameraman the journey continued.Many big productions worked with but the only challenge he  faced in the film industry is  not getting  paid properly  on time by some production houses, so to manage his finance, he took up additional assignments  so he started covering  many wedding events, small to High-Profile weddings,

Mr. Sharma is a great cricket lover and again his passion for sports turned into a profession he is keen to know how cricket live telecast is done so he used to watch especially the matches of  Australian team camera angles which are very unique according to him so he started learning that and now

Mr.Sunil Sharma and his team are very famous for covering live cricket matches and other sports tournaments with graphics and live scores, similar to the international standard of live coverage.

RTV team got the opportunity to work with the following events.





10PL PREMIER LEAGUE which was in (Dubai) SHARJAH and experienced to cover the big match between INDIA vs PAKISTAN with 22 camera setup

In the lockdown team, RTV did more than 150 victuals shows, chroma shots

Became a member of the Mumbai photographers Association way back in 2003 and since then in 2012.

Then he became a committee member, he has always worked for the betterment of his fellow photographers.

Three years he severed as Hon. Treasurer and immediately was selected as a Hon. President in 2017

Since then He has identified the areas where he needed to work on like getting them pension schemes, Life insurance, Mediclaim, and insurance for cameras. training sessions, and special events for the photographers and their families.

The Photographer fraternity is fragmented and disorganized and they compete with each other being disunited they are vulnerable and face the issues like some clients fighting with them for any reason, the digital data on the memory card getting corrupt sometimes, not being provided food and conveyance by some clients, etc. so he says we are trying to unit all photographers with contract forms for clients, standard rate cards and a lot more.

Basically, the photographers have to value themselves and consider themselves as artists and deserve respect and dignity. He says we at MPA (Mumbai Photographer’s Association) are trying to educate our life member photographers on soft skills and well to deal with clients.

TEAM RTV got opportunities to work with Big Political Netas such as PM NARENDRA MODIJI, CM UDDHAV THACKREY, SHRI ANIL PARAB SIR, SHRI BHUSHAN PATILJI, LATE JAYA PENGALJI, and many more…


About: RTV provides everything in Photography and Videography.

  • Wedding Photography
  •  Food Photography
  •  Virtual shows
  • Croma setups
  • Musical shows
  • Big Political Events     Rallies
  • Product Photography
  • fashion shows
  • Corporate Events

Many event companies hired his team for



He said, No one knows what the future holds. And yesterday’s predictions are often today’s bad jokes. But we are starting to see some trends emerge from the world of photography.




Riyaz Ahmed, Editor In Chief, Mti News