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Beat the summer blues with healthy food: Plaza Premium Lounge



Sugar-free Mango Pancakes (NXPowerLite)Plaza Premium Lounge achieved a culinary high when Chef Ankit Mangla, awarded with Master Chef- International cuisine title by the Indian culinary forum in 2014-2015,  joined PPL. Chef Ankit Mangla unveiled a summer special menu packed with appetizing dishes recently at a luncheon in Bangalore Plaza Premium Lounge. We would like to explore recipe placements on the following themes:

  • Sugar free desserts: Satiate your sweet cravings without worrying about the extra calories- Sugar free mango pancake, Paris brest with authentic coorg coffee
  • Prepare exotic dishes with home ingredients: Get egg- sperimental with eggs- Egyptian style poach egg
  • Quick serves: Prepare healthy food in jiffy-  California Bruschetta



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