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This Ramzan relish delicious Iftaar desserts with Gits



PHIRNIMumbai, 2nd June 2016: With Ramzan barely days away, people are beginning to make plans and preparations for the holy month of fasting. The holy month of Ramzan brings with it joy, laughter and plenty of delicious iftaar treats. It is that month of the year when social gatherings are organized post-iftaar, and people are out shopping for food and other festive goodies. For a few it may get a little tiresome to prepare elaborate desserts after fasting the whole day. Gits brings an easy solution by offering convenient and tasty Instant Mixes of Gulab Jamun, Bombay Halwa, Phirni, Vermicelli Kheer and Rice Kheer for the auspicious month.
Making traditional Indian desserts can take long preparation time and be exhausting. Thanks to Gits Instant Mixes, now make delicious yummy deserts at home in 3 Easy Steps to end that perfect meal with delicious sweet surprises.
Go traditional with Gits Vermicelli kheer, also known as Sheer Korma and Gits Basmati Rice Kheer both a must-have scrumptious dessert during the festive month. For all the weight-watchers and diet conscious people, Gits Bombay Halwa is a great option as it is made from china grass (Agar Agar) making it easily digestible. One can also try out Gits Phirni, a great cold desert option for this joyous occasion.
Gits dessert mixes have no preservatives or artificial flavours keeping the health quotient intact. One can try making these tempting deserts that have variety, taste, and do not require much time for cooking.
Product Price Quantity
Gulab Jamun Rs. 40/75/155 100 /200/500 gms
Phirni Rs. 40 100 gms
V. Kheer Rs. 40 100 gms
Rice Kheer Rs. 40 100 gms
Bombay Halwa Rs. 45 80 gms

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