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Ten ideas that will transform future Smart Cities



Mumbai, Nov 4: These ten great ideas could change the way smart cities work in future. Students from ten colleges across India will showcase their innovative solutions for sustainable smart cities of future in front of stakeholders including corporates, town-planners and academics here. The occasion will be the Big data Analytics & Smart Cities International Conference 2016 to be organized by Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Management Studies & Research (VESIM) from November 10 to 12.

After the initial screening of numerous ideas received from various colleges across India, VESIM faculty selected ten brilliant concepts for smart cities for the ‘Smart India’ context. A panel of judges will evaluate their models and give prizes.

The aim of the conference and exhibition is to create a platform and facilitate knowledge-sharing in advanced big data analytics, and business analytics in various dimensions of business to create a sustainable world.

The conference will enable knowledge-sharing on smart cities in areas like smart water & waste management, clean energy, smart transportation, healthcare, security and project financing as no city can be smart without having a sustainable model.

The three-day conference and exhibition, to be sponsored by Bombay Stock Exchange, will have academics, research scholars, and distinguished dignitaries from eminent universities from across the world such as Queen Mary University of London.

“Education institutions like VES play a great role in seeking to find solutions for the pressing problems of our country. Being an eminent institute in India that provides programmes on Business Analytics, it is our duty to showcase to the world what cutting-edge technologies and innovations can add value to the idea of sustainable smart cities,” said Dr. Satish Modh, Director of VESIM.

“Business Analytics and Internet of Things are the core components of smart cities. The fact is there are no yardsticks that perfectly determine a smart city in its true sense. There is no set criteria for sectors like sanitation, highway, energy, IT connectivity, etc. Here, we aim to set parameters for smart cities through this innovative conference. We want to showcase all the essential components of true smart city,” said Dr. Sachin Deshmukh, Professor & Area Chairperson, Centre of Excellence for Business Analytics, VESIM.

The conference provides unparalleled networking opportunities for data management and smart city professionals from many countries. The conference shall showcase analytics that keep smart cities operational. While experts from various fields will share their knowledge, the corporate participants will showcase their products.