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Young Entrepreneur Athang Jain Participates in NITI Aayog’s ‘Champions of Change’ Conference



6A3C.tmpPM Narendra Modi, NITI Aayoga Vice-Chairman Arvind Pangdhiya, CEO Amitabh Kant, Jain Farm Fresh Foods Director Athang Jain just standing behind the PM and industrialists.

He interacts with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi, August 28 (Correspondent):- NITI Aayoga has recently organized ‘Champions of Change’ an interactive conference at New Delhi for 200 young entrepreneurs’ in India. Young entrepreneurs in India were specially invited to discuss subjects – Soft Power Incredible India, Education, Manpower Development, Health & Nutrition, Digital India and New India according to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s concept of how India should be in 2022. The most significant thing is Jain Farm Fresh Foods Director Athang Jain was specially invited for a discussion on transformation in agricultural technology and efforts required to achieve the increase in farmers’ income and standard of living under the subject – New India in 2022. NITI Aayoga has been entrusted with the responsibility of selecting those young entrepreneurs and businessmen who would transform India in entrepreneurship and result into India’s further progress. The Central Govt. had already decided to concentrate on several different sectors in the Indian economy.

There was a discussion and debate on what changes should be brought about in the private sector In a meeting held for two days on 17 August 2017 at New Delhi. It discussed what private sector can do to champion the change. Union Ministers and Secretaries also attended this conference. After the discussions, a summary of recommendations was presented to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The latter also addressed the young entrepreneurs in ‘Champions of Change’ interactive conference. On the occasion,Prime Minister also addressed all ‘Champions of Change’ and asked them to remain committed to transform India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech to 200 CEOs, presented his concept of improvement in governance and solutions. He said social welfare and happiness of citizens are very important for any Government. We are always thinking how our country should achieve its targets. Every citizen should feel this nations as theirs’ and they are working for the betterment of the country. They should be able to participate in the progress of the nation. As Mahatma Gandhi created a mass movement for the freedom, there should be a similar mass movement for the all-round development of the country. When we all would do some remarkable work, then only we would be able to find solutions for some problems of the country. He stressed on making our society cashless and for that to happen, different industries and corporates should work along with the Government.

We should adopt a different attitude to achieve that. Entrepreneurs should also think for doing their might to work for reducing the poverty of poor people. NITI Aayoga Vice-Chairman Arvind Pangadhiya and CEO Amitabh Kant were present at this interactive conference.

Mr Athang Jain, Director, Jain Farm Fresh Foods who is also a son of Jain Irrigation MD Anil Jain and a nephew of Jain Irrigation Chairman Ashok Jain, was selected among the young entrepreneurs for this conference. He emphasized on the transformation of agriculture by using hi-technology and adding value to the fruits and vegetables produced by farmers and thus increasing their incomes and standard of living. He interacted with Union Ministers – Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari and Piyush Goyal. Athang Jain in his young age has participated in national level policy making discussions to showcase his skills and maturity. His selection and participation was a moment of pride for Jain family and the entire Jalgaon district. Athang Jain is a grand-son of Jain Irrigation Founder Bhavarlal Jain and he is following the ideals laid down by his grand-father.