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Building entrepreneurs of tomorrow – Vogue Institute of Art and Design & AIC- NIFT TEA



Bengaluru, 13th July 2020:Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Bengaluru and Atal Incubation Center NIFT- TEA, Tirupur announced that it has entered into an agreement to create entrepreneurship & skill development programs, integrate joint efforts for research and development in the field of Textiles and Apparels and support graduates in building successful startups. With a strong commitment for Make in India, AIC NIFT- TEA is supported by byAtal the Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, and Govt. of India. The agreement is signed with an aim to enhance entrepreneurship knowledge & skills among the student community, develop sustainable products, and encourage students to build a circular economy.

Today, the announcement of the agreement took place in the presence of esteemed officials Dr. M.M Kariappa, Chairman, Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Bengaluru, (NIFT), Shri, P. Moghan, Chairman, NIFT TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute, Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Director, Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Bengaluru and Mr. S. Periasamy, Chief Executive Officer, AIC NIFT- TEA. The agreement will provide an opportunity for graduates from the institution to develop business potential concepts and ideas, build innovative solutions, and transform their ideas into reality.

Under this MoU, Vogue Institute of Art and Design and AIC NIFT- TEA will jointly work towards designing a curriculum that can equip students to undertake the role of an entrepreneur, launch forums that can prepare students to have a smooth transition from academics to the start-up world, and execute joint research and development activities. The initiative aims to build a strong eco-system for the students to nurture the skills of entrepreneurship through guest lectures, industry interactions, workshops, faculty training programs, and access to incubation facilities.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Director, Vogue Institute of Art and Design stated, “The agreement with AIC NIFT-TEA Incubation Center is a boon for aspiring entrepreneurs as it provides an opportunity for our students to learn the start-up practices and gain entrepreneurship skills. Our integrated approach widens the horizon of the curriculum offerings for the student community and aims to identify and encourage new technology and sustainable ventures, promote entrepreneurship, and build the right skill set for budding entrepreneurs. We plan to take this initiative further by creating Karnataka’s first incubation center on our campus in the future.”