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Right2Connect an initiative by iSHAKTI Foundation organises the first town hall meeting for brainstorming with key stakeholders of the Indian telecom ecosystem



Delhi,20th July 2022: The initiative in collaboration with TEMA and Mavcomm Advisory aims to find ways and means to ensure a reliable, secure, sufficient, and ubiquitous telecom network for all Indians

iSHAKTI, a purpose-driven Foundation that is committed to promoting local entrepreneurship, today held its first #Right2Connect town hall meeting for brainstorming with key stakeholders of the Indian telecom ecosystem. The #Right2Connect Town hall meeting brought together under one roof key stakeholders of the Indian telecom ecosystem to brainstorm on how to connect all to the mainstream via technology. And the challenges and opportunities of creating a truly ubiquitous network while ensuring a healthy co-existence of the domestic and foreign manufacturers.

#Right2Connect is an initiative under the aegis of iSHAKTI that endeavours to connect the unconnected, poorest of the poor, into a ubiquitous network to create and run a wholesome tech-driven ecosystem. In the process, connecting people into the mainstream so that they can contribute to nation building and get the benefits from a wide array of government services and welfare schemes, including the direct benefit transfer (DBT).

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Bhalla, IAS (Retd), the chief enabler of the iSHAKTI Foundation spoke eloquently of the challenges that, he fells, are actually opportunities for growth. “The economic reforms have taken deep roots in India. And in the days to come, the economy will get only stronger because of the strong fundamentals. The need of the hour is the right policies formulations and their right execution to take the growth and its benefits to the very last man”.

“As India marches on to harness the telecom and technological revolution, the pace of development of Satcom has become faster thanks to the recent reforms and IoT (internet of things) taking the centre stage to ensure integration of many many underserved segments in the development process. I see a ushering of a phase of transformation in India for the Indians,” adds Anupam Shrivastava, Partner Mavcomm Advisory Pvt. Ltd and former Chairman of BSNL.

Siddharth Upadhyay, Chairman Mavcomm Advisory, “Telecom and its growth process has many stakeholders, and a lot is at stake. And all concerned are doing their best, but they will do better if they join hands, and work in tandem for the larger goal of realising the ideals of Digital India in its true essence. We see ourselves as a platform where stakeholders can come and talk, and create strategies to ensure the meeting of the collective and individual goals and aspirations. To me, all problems are an opportunity to look within and grow.”

“I’m very heartened by the participation of the doyens from the telecom sector, they ushered the digital revolution in India and will guide us in the future to make quality connectivity ubiquitous. We will incorporate their views into a progressive document, taking into account the concerns of all the stakeholders and realise the inherent potential of the telecom sector into making india a truly digital society as is envisioned by the honourable prime minister”, said Prof. N.K Goyal, President, Chairman Emeritus, CMAI, TEMA.

The townhall was attended by key functionaries from the Government of India and the top leaders from the public as well as private sector and was organised in collaboration with Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA) and Mavcomm Advisory.

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