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Quintype Partners with Motherly to Enhance NextGen Parenting Platform.



Quintype, a data-driven publishing company based out of Bangalore and California, today announced its partnership with Motherly, a digital platform that supports Millennial women with expert information and mom-to-mom inspiration on their journey to motherhood.

Motherly will be using Quintype’s publishing platform to expand its model by personalizing content for users, helping build its community of expert contributors and moving the interface to a mobile-first experience.

“Motherly is on the brink of doing something amazing for modern mothers,” said Amit Rathore, Founder & CEO, Quintype. “We are excited to be helping Motherly as they evolve their business to be fully responsive to their constituents. The Motherly team knows what their audience needs and we are equipping them with a data driven mobile first platform to engage their viewers where they are, on any device”, adds Amit.

Backed by the accelerator program, Motherly provides a next-generation parenting platform that will go far beyond the confines of a standard ‘mommy blog.’ It’s an inspiring community network that supports Gen Y women on their journey to motherhood. Through partnerships with experts, social influencers and user generated content, Motherly will deliver snackable, personalized content in a voice and presentation only a woman can rely on and relate to. Motherly meets modern women in the micro-moments of joy, frustration and curiosity that make up motherhood and connects her to likeminded women..

In addition to information and community, Motherly will provide curated products and services to meet the needs of women and their families, whatever their life-stage and lifestyle may be. Motherly will officially launch in early December 2015.

“We see Quintype as an opportunity to leverage a publishing platform as comprehensive as what Buzzfeed and Vox Media have built, without the distractions and costs in becoming a pure technology company,” said Jill Koziol, Co-Founder and CEO of Motherly. “This partnership is an opportunity for us focus on our core business of connecting moms to expert information and mom-to-mom inspiration”, adds Jill.

Quintype was founded on the premise that most media organizations prefer to focus on their content, audience and monetization strategies. Quintype is delivering an affordable, cloud-based, data-driven solution that is long overdue for both new media companies starting up, as well as mature publishers that need a fast and reliable solution for migrating from the kluge of legacy technology they find themselves trapped in.