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Oktoberfest celebration @ Smaaash Make Beer your playmate at Smaaash.



imagesFor all you guzzlers and foodies out there, if you love playing and love beer, the Party is on Smaaash. With a promise of a steady flow of beers and starters on all games, Smaaash Oktoberfest 2015 brings alive its new funda of Game On, Drink On.

Make drinks your playmate with unbelievable offers on beers and order up two beers at just Rs. 150 or enjoy Bonus beers as you score success at Cricket, Bowling and other interactive games. To pair up the light, draft or strong brew flavours Smaaash offers the lip smacking Smart.  Combo where you Buy the Beer and Smaaash gives you free starters!!

So if you Love Playing, Love Beer, then head to Smaaash now.