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Kalingastone LogoIndia’s number 1 stone company, Classic Marble Company (CMC) has announced the launch of a new collection of GenNex engineered marble under its flagship brand Kalingastone. Nine new products, a collection of rare marble designs, engineered with top quality raw materials sourced from across the world and by using state of the art imported machinery, are expected to mark a new beginning in the sphere of engineered marble.

“We have combined technology, design and aesthetics to introduce engineered marble like none before. The new series have a look and feel that is almost as rich and real as natural marble. Our design team has broken many aesthetic barriers with the new launch. The series will be path breakers in more ways than one,” says Mr. Vikas Kesarkar, Vice President – Marketing, CMC.

Inspired by its Italian lineage, the new set of engineered marble have been christened as Nero Portoro, Rosso Levante, Felini, Grigio Cristallo, Mocca Marmo, Luna, Pietra Serina, Marcello and  Grigio Aurelio.

Nero Portoro and Rosso Levante carry abstract designs on dark backdrops with striking bronze and ivory patterns that are interspersed through the entire slab. When wall mounted, the installations accentuate the beauty of the area, be it a bathroom or a study. Felini, Grigio Cristallo, Mocca Marmo, Luna, and Pietra Serina are subtly styled for mostly flooring applications. While Felini and Grigio Cristallo are shades of beige, the former being lighter than the latter, Mocca Marmo has contemporary brown shade. Luna and Pietra Serina are variants of the colour grey. All these marble exhibit the same grainy gradient throughout the surface of the slab. Both are excellent choice for application in stairways. In fact, a mix and match of these marble can add a rich appeal to the installation.

Marcello, meanwhile, is contemporary beige marble which has the design that replicates marble as found naturally. The patterns of white depict the water currents of a flowing stream against the muddier background of beige. The stone is more familiarly seen as flooring in office lobbies or even in residential applications in living rooms or bedrooms.

Grigio Aurelio, basically classified as grey marble has fragmented silica chips ranging from micro, small to medium sizes and appears beautifully as table tops as well as in framing French windows.

A scaled up installation of the product gives a grandeur look to the space or can also be customised as per the requirement of a buyer. The newly launched range is a perfect blend of beauty and utility and is ideal for every application, be it residential or commercial.

“CMC introduced Kalingastone with the very intent of giving people the selection of installing marble of choice while keeping it affordable. Our latest range is a well-planned and meticulously designed portfolio of marble and this innovation will certainly create another benchmark in the segment. We are positive that our new range of products will be appreciated by the end users. We will continue to innovate and strive to deliver better products from time to time,” concludes Mr. Kesarkar.