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Mumbai’s own ‘patisserie queen’ Kainaz Messman recognized for her entrepreneurial venture – Theobroma




In a world full of entrepreneurial ventures, the ones that stand out are often more simple than the others. MAGGI at its core, has been all about making food and cooking more inspiring. MAGGI has often helped in building confidence of the first-time cooks and realize their cooking aspirations. Seldom do brands get the opportunity to partner with people so closely in their pursuit of excellence.

Kainaz Messman was born into a merrily gourmand household, with her mother supplying cakes and desserts from home. However, Kainaz was determined to pursue law until a summer in France led her to her true calling and she fell in love with patisseries. An untimely back injury would have grounded her dreams had she not fought her way through the injury. Theobroma, Kainaz’s venture, has grown from humble beginnings in 2004 at the iconic Cusrow Baug on Colaba Causeway to a chain of 18 outlets in Mumbai, and 10 in Delhi/NCR, offering a range of products including cakes, chocolates, cookies, pastries and toffees.

The proud patisserie owner says, “I’ve always believed that the people who are most successful are those who love what they do. My greatest joy lies in feeding people and making them smile and I am able to live my dream every single day because I chose not to give up even when things got difficult. I feel a platform such as MAGGI Kitchen Journeys can help women realize how culinary expertise has the potential to inspire change and transform lives. I am honored to be a part of this show and hope that my journey inspires at least a few women to never give up and strive hard to achieve their dreams.”

Kainaz’s story is an example of how a woman started up boldly with no prior experience of handling a business and built a culinary enterprise out of it in little more than a decade.


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