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MOMENT OF VICTORY! “Designer Rohit Verma” carves his name of the trophy of “International Iconic Fashion Designer 2017” at “International Iconic Awards Ceremony 2017”



Rohit Verma 1 His runways have always opened to an immediate applause as his curtain raisers is an ode to the fashion women of the world. Drama in design seduction in stitches and passion in prints is his signature statement, leading light of fashion landscape Designer Rohit Verma was one amongst the curated collective of top tier celebrities who carved his name of the trophy of “International Iconic Fashion Designer 2017” at “International Iconic Awards Ceremony 2017”  

Overwhelmed with the global recognition Designer Rohit Verma said “First & foremost I would like to thank Mohammed Nagaman Lateef, CEO of Gold Tower Group for recognizing my work & found me worthy of this prestigious award. I feel so much love and I feel so humbled right now. Years back when fashion designing as a profession didn’t get much deserved respect and attention in the society, I packed my bags and started my journey to bring a revolution. Every time I faced a rejection, I found clarity and opportunities to do things differently in the future. I decided to cast off all the dark shadows and moved forward with my vision. Back then I didn’t even think of Global platform where my work will be recognized and appreciated.  As long as I can remember, fashion has always been a part of my life. My journey as a fashion designer taught me how to take risks, work hard, and live life on my own terms. The soul has no color, no shape, and no form. As fashion designer we have the power to change perception, to inspire and empower. And to show people how to embrace their complications and see the flaws and the true beauty and strength that’s inside all of us. Thank you all for this incredible honor.

 Rohit Verma’s creativity and genius span the broad spheres of Bollywood design, Styling, Diffusion and the Everlasting Bridal and pret. Rohit is a pioneer in the field of fashion in India today and renowned globally.

Rohit known for his bridal wear and immaculate colour sense, has designed for some of the most striking personalities in the Indian film industry, high profile politicians, industrialists, top global corporates and affluent families across the globe.