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DESIGNER ROHIT VERMA Promoting Eco -Friendly Ganesha




A wave of green is increasingly making its presence felt in Ganeshotsav. Going eco-friendly in one’s home is one thing Designer Rohit Verma strictly follows. This year again the designer welcomed Lord Ganesh on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on 17th September, 2015 with much enthusiasm.

Rohit Verma says “Ganesh Chaturthi is a celebration of all things pure, intellectual, artistic, and prosperous and the beginning of all good things in life since that is what this God is worshiped for.  I am very spiritual and religious so for me showing my love to Ganpati Bappa is a very special occasion.  During this time my home is thrown open for guests to visit and eat as and when they like. There is a fun element along with spirituality in this festival. Ganpati Bappa is like a special guest who comes home for a few days. We all surround him with happiness and then miss him when he leaves

Promoting Eco -Friendly Ganesha, Rohit Verma says “Since the entire country is drowned in Ganpati celebration we should not forget our responsibilities towards our environment. I am all for eco-friendly Ganpatis. And that is definitely not what God would want us to do. I am happy that the concept of eco-friendly Ganpati idols is catching up in full force this season