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Marshalls Launches its first collection of Signature Wall Coverings



Krsna Mehta_Marshalls (5)Marshalls, India’s No.1 wallcoverings brand revolutionizes wallcovering design with the launch of its first collection of Signature Wallcoverings called ‘Indian Fusion’ in collaboration with renowned interior designer Krsna Mehta. Owing to modern Indian sensibilities, this collection was made to reflect the fusion of traditional with contemporary art. The assortment is designed keeping in mind the Indian culture, tradition and sensibilities. This collection is the first in the Signature Wall Couture by Marshalls.

Indian art is a rich blend of diverse cultures like Buddhist, Mughal, Rajputana, Madhubani, Jaunpur, Malwa, Deccan, Mysore, Tanjore, Bengal, British and Modern besides landscape and folk art with many of them having several sub streams. Experimentation of merging streams by artists adds to this multi- hued cultural canvas. For the first time, Krsna Mehta and Marshalls have drawn a few drops from the ocean of Indian art and sensibilities to revolutionize Wallcoverings.

The blend of colors, patterns, shapes and designs are reminiscent of our tradition, culture and belief.  Varied use of colors, like bright pink, green and blue adds more grandeur to the fusion of the designs. Apart from the colors and designs, the collection has an additional feature of being digitally created to fit within the exact dimensions of your wall. The wallcoverings can be custom made according to the size of your wall. So all you need to do is, measure the exact size and select your design to create your perfect home.

With Signature series Marshalls, the undisputed leader of wallcoverings in India will bring more Indian designers to the fore and launch more such collections year on year to give an ethnic and unparalleled look to your homes.