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“The Textile Brigade” by Mayank Anand Shraddha Nigam [MASN] Lakme Fashion Week W|F 2015





Indian military commands and drum rolls welcomed the designer duo Mayank Anand Shraddha Nigam(MASN) Winter Fall collection at the Lakme Fashion Week W|F 2015 aptly titled ‘The Textile Brigade’ on 30th August 2015.

“Our textile brigade collection this season focuses attention on the army of dedicated weavers from all over India who work tirelessly to keep alive the diversity of Indian textiles. Staying true to our brand philosophy of sustainable luxury we have reused 200 ethnically-inspired saris, repurposed 110 meters of cloth and recreated a fabric with 1 Lakh color contoured patches that represents the artistic expression of over 150 weavers in India,” says Mayank and Shraddha.

“In this special collection our concept of using military colors and an army-inspired theme juxtaposed with feminine flowy silhouettes was chosen to highlight our endeavor to showcase the beauty and elegance of handwoven textiles which we have sourced from 15 states of India that also represents 110 years of the Swadeshi Movement in India,”  they further reiterate passionately.

As the designers took their final bows on the ramp, they acknowledged their team as the screen lit-up with a photo collage of visuals that conveyed a strong hashtag message #whomademyclothes and MASN joined the global campaign by Fashion Revolution which is supported by designers from over 70 countries worldwide.