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Indulge in the world of 3D Wallcoverings by Marshalls



Matrix by Marshalls Wallcoverings (3)-mti newsMarshalls, India’s number one wallcovering company has launched ‘Matrix’, a fresh new collection with a mix of modern Geometric designs and a modern take on traditional wallcoverings designs.Matrix by Marshalls Wallcoverings (2)-mti news

This geometric designs showcased on the wallcoverings are used to create an enduring modernistic elegant space. The embossing is done in such a way that it creates a 3 D impression of designs which will demand attention to wall and its detailing. This collection is a set of wallcoverings that helps in creating an enduring modern classical and elegant space that gives a neo-classical look to your house. This range of wallcoverings is solid vinyl type, Hi scratch resistant, 100% washable, colour fast and Fire retardant. The array of wallcoverings under this collection has a fresh new take to the evergreen damask design and traditional floral patterns that are in turn co-ordinated with beautiful textures. Marshalls recommends the Wave design with fabric texture for your walls.Matrix by Marshalls Wallcoverings (1)-mti news