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Bio FUE hair transplantation by Redefineu – A new hope for hair regrowth



What Is Bio FUE Hair Transplantation and How Does It Work?
Bio FUE hair transplant is a more advanced and improved type of FUE hair transplant performed by Dr. Harikiran in Hyderabad, resulting in better natural hair growth. The primary goal of this cutting-edge treatment is to boost FUE results by incorporating cell-based hair growth hormones into the surgical procedure. Following the treatment, the same FUE hair transplant procedure is used, but with a few tweaks to assist the transplanted area to heal faster, and the new hair grows more substantial and more evenly.

Is Hair Transplantation With Bio FUE Better For Hair Growth?
Yes, it is significantly better for hair restoration, which is why the specialist in Hyderabad performs this type of hair transplant. There is no linear scar on the scalp where the grafts were taken after the procedure. The most attractive feature of this treatment is that it permanently rejuvenates dead hair follicles, resulting in good, healthy hair growth.

What Is The Bio FUE Hair Transplant Procedure?
The surgeon takes a little blood volume from the patient and stores it in a centrifuge to separate the infuse regenerative cell from the blood in the first phase. Two layers of blood are created during this process: one layer contains regenerative cells blood, and the other layer contains blood from removed regenerative cells. Once the surgeon has collected blood from the donor location, it is then injected into the transplanting site or bald to improve its effectiveness. On the other hand, the operations result in scars and post-operative pain, as well as faster and more natural hair growth.
On the other hand, the operations result in scars and post-operative pain, as well as faster and more natural hair growth.

Is Bio FUE Hair Transplantation Better Than FUT Hair Transplantation?
• The hair that grows in Bio FUE gives you better-textured and highly dense hair.
• Bio FUE hair transplant focuses on unit follicle transfers, leaving either tiny scars or no scars on the scalp. This aids in quick healing and obtaining outcomes.
Bio FUE is very cost-effective than the FUT, as it does not require maintenance for a long time and leaves long-lasting results.
• The procedure also encourages the development of the hair in the surrounding area, making the implant look more natural.

What is the duration of the Bio FUE hair transplant procedure?
According to a hair transplant doctor from Hyderabad’s Redefineu Clinic, the complete procedure takes a long time. However, because the process involves grafting and injections, it only takes about 4-5 hours. However, the fantastic and highly natural hair outcome comes at a meager cost.

What are the benefits of using the Bio FUE transplant method?

• The most significant benefit of this Bio FUE transplant technology is that it promotes the growth of the implanted hairs and encourages the development of follicles in the surrounding area that are impacted by hair loss.
• It activates the hair stem cells that are implanted.
• It is one of the safest and most secure procedures of hair transplantation
• It has a short recovery time in both donor and transplanted situations.
• Not only does the procedure strengthen hair follicles, but it also improves hair texture.

Side Effects and Risks
• A patient may tolerate side effects such as infection, bleeding, numbness, loss of sensation, and skin color change.
• A patient may experience discomfort due to pinprick bleeding on the scalp and redness at the injection sites.
• To achieve the desired benefits, a patient may require numerous sittings or sessions.

• A patient should avoid sun exposure for at least the following 6 weeks after the treatments, as UV rays reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and can cause problems.
• This treatment may cause allergic responses. As a result, it’s a piece of advice to pay attention to and communicate everything with your doctor, as even a little carelessness can land you in grave danger.
• Following this Bio FUE hair transplant, one must maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a well-balanced diet.
• After this therapy, you must continue to exercise and work out regularly.
• Junk food consumption is strictly prohibited during this treatment.
• There is a danger of irritation and infection if sufficient care is not done during and after surgery.
• Wait at least 8 hours following Mesotherapy treatment before washing your hair or taking a bath.
• Take your prescriptions regularly, as directed by your doctor.
• Don’t drink or smoke for at least two weeks after the surgery.

Results / What To Expect:

• Bio FUE hair transplant results in high-density and high-volume hair.
• It also helps to prevent hair loss.
• It has the effect of hastening the healing process of the entire scalp following surgery.
• It improves hair quality and strength by giving shine, volume, softness, and elasticity; it restores damaged hair cells and generates good hair coverage on the bald scalp.
• It restores hair that chemicals have damaged.

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