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All pandemic-related restrictions including mandatory wearing of masks to be lifted in Maharashtra from 1st April.



Mumbai, 31th March 2022:  For more than Two years since the world is suffering from Covid 19 cases, the masses are suffering from mask fatigue, though the more diligent and health-conscious among them stick to the habit in public places. For the past so many days Covid cases have continuously declined so the Maharashtra government has decided to remove all pandemic related restrictions and masks would not be compulsory in Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra, from April 1.
But at the same time, it has decided that it will appeal to citizens to continue observing precautions, which includes wearing masks. This comes as a result of the Center asking the states to decide whether they want to lift all Covid-related restrictions.

On the other hand, there are state government officials who say that around one crore people in the state are yet to be fully vaccinated – they have yet to receive their second dose of vaccination. However, “the government has launched schemes to encourage people to get vaccinated. Everything points to a positive picture He further added “It is time to unlock fully. International travel has restarted. We cannot be left behind,” the official said. “Maharashtra is doing very well in terms of reducing fatalities,” the official said, asking, “If not now, then when?”