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AKRO Personalised Fitness Studio by Mustafa Ahmed Launches PLAY by AKRO



Ketan Mavinkurve ,Hrithik Roshan & Mustafa Ahmed at AKROKetan Mavinkurve ,Hrithik Roshan & Mustafa Ahmed at AKRO

Mumbai, 12th January 2018: AKRO Personalised Fitness Studio today launched a new fitness studio PLAY by AKRO. A strength and conditioning studio, PLAY by AKRO will focus on various aspects of fitness with an objective of building a strong sense of fitness community.

PLAY by AKRO will provide workouts like Strength & conditioning, Kettlebell, TRX, Yoga, Movement culture and Functional training etc. It is curated in a manner such that it takes you back to the playground of life and prepares one to take on any challenge when it comes to physical and mental stress.

PLAY by AKRO was launched by Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan along with the founders Mustafa Ahmed (Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Co- Founder AKRO) and Ketan Mavinkurve (Co- Founder AKRO)

During the launch Hrithik Roshan said,” I would like to congratulate Mustafa and Ketan on this latest addition to the world of Akro. Mustafa and his team’s idea of fitness and making it approachable and fun is a great way to strengthen and unite communities.”

Speaking on the occasion Mustafa Ahmed (Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Co-Founder AKRO) said “The one thing I love about fitness is its ability to bring people together. We want to build a community not limited by anything and Play by Akro will be a space filled with collective positivity, energy and a lot of hard work.”

Ketan Mavinkurve (Co- Founder AKRO) said during the launch, “We are proud and excited to bring PLAY by AKRO. We did not want to restrict ourselves to the personal training format that’s how we came up with the idea of making workouts more fun and energetic.”


PLAY by AKRO is a strength and conditioning studio which focuses on all aspects of fitness with an objective of building a strong sense of community. The workouts like Strength and conditioning, Kettlebell workouts, TRX workouts, Yoga, Movement culture and Functional training to name a few.