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Actress Shweta Khanduri owned the ramp as showstopper for Designer Forum Rambhia at India Runway Week season 7



shweta-khanduri-walked-the-ramp-as-showstopper-at-india-runway-week-season-7-6-mti-newsStop everything right now & check out Actress Shweta Khanduri spell her classy touch looking nothing less than drop dead gorgeous at India Runway Week Season 7 when she walked the ramp for Designer Forum Rambhia.

Although, I already know that Shweta is such a dazzler but somehow I had a very hard time distracting myself and writing this article while I would honestly prefer staring at her picture the whole time. She looked oh-so gorgeous as the showstopper in a beautifully appliquéd ensemble that I instantly dropped everything I was supposed to do. With the way her tresses lightly fell on her face and spot on makeup, Miss Khanduri looked every bit of regal! Yes, SK, you’ve got me captivated!

Gracing the ramp with the fashion abilities, walking the ramp at India Runway Week Season 7 2014, Shweta Khanduri exclaims “It is an absolute pleasure to walk as a showstopper for Forum at such a prestigious platform. It’s not only because her clothes are beautiful but it’s the vision she carries about fashion. We kind of share the same vision about fashion which is comfort & style”shweta-khanduri-walked-the-ramp-as-showstopper-at-india-runway-week-season-7-8-mti-newsshweta-khanduri-walked-the-ramp-as-showstopper-at-india-runway-week-season-7-6-mti-newsshweta-khanduri-walked-the-ramp-as-showstopper-at-india-runway-week-season-7-7-mti-news

Showcasing her collection at Pune Fashion Week 2014, an elated Forum Rambhia says “The collection very close to my heart. It’s a portrayal of my inner strength translated onto the canvas of eclectic drapes. Who better than Shweta to walk as a showstopper for my collection, she’s the perfect choice”

shweta-khanduri-walked-the-ramp-as-showstopper-at-india-runway-week-season-7-9-mti-newsIndia Runway Week is Asia’s youngest fashion trade event. Each season of the much-awaited IRW introduce new talent and places young Indian designers firmly on the global fashion stage

The show IRW-SEASON7 was sponsored by Tanishq (jewelry partner), Kairali (wellness partner) Big Boy Toyz (associate partner) Fever104 (radio partner) NATURALS (makeup partner), TDI, ICONS and Apeejay Design Institute as our knowledge Partner.