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130 underprivileged kids learn value of nutrition this Children’s Day



Children while playing the game

Mumbai, November 14, 2019: On the joyous occasion of Children’s Day, VITS Kamats Group imparted the value of nutrition to 130 underprivileged children. To inculcate healthy eating habits, VITS Kamats Group organized interactive games so that children can be empowered to make the right health choices.

As a token, VITS Kamats Group organized kid-inspired, chef-crafted lunch boxes for 130 underprivileged kids to bring a smile on their faces. VITS Kamats Group distributed hot, nutritious and fresh food to underprivileged kids from Yasham Foundation, an NGO dedicated provide quality education to underprivileged children, using the latest tools and technology.

Children’s day, a momentous day for all children and every child needs to feel special. However, many do not even have access to food which is a basic necessity of life. VITS Kamats Group decided to provide nutritious and delicious food to underprivileged children and make this day special for them.

Vidhi Kamat, Group Director, VITS Kamats Group said, “I am thrilled to be a part of this activity by giving kids the proper nutrition they need to thrive and pursue active lifestyles. Our efforts are determined to instill tangible change for underprivileged children on nutrition and healthy eating habits.”

We express our deepest thanks to the Kamats Group for their generosity on Children’s day! The children were overjoyed with their lunch boxes and excitingly played the game!” said Sunita Mandelia and Smita Kaushal, Trustees, Yasham Foundation.

Manish from the 3rd grade voiced after they played the game that he would have more natural juice like his dad! Aarti from 4th grade made the decision to have more vegetables!

But all the children laughingly disagreed on not eating ice cream!

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