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New Delhi, 08 September 2016: Worried over rising cases of juvenile diabetes, obesity and TV addiction in young children, a Delhi based doctor & mother has created a first-of-its-kind entertainment center for kids that not only draws them to healthy food, but also takes care of their physical, mental and emotional well-being. This novel endeavor—Zig Zag Zoom- is already receiving rave reviews from working & regular parents and is bringing a huge cheer to its exclusive clientele, aged between 1 years-10 years at M-2, GK -1, New Delhi.zig-zag-14-mti-newszig-zag-12-mti-news

Zig Zag zoom offers Delhi the first-of-its-kind ‘kids gymnasium’ and an array of mouthwatering snacks and dishes which are completely healthy. Drawing from Montessori concept and other international educational themes, Zig Zag Zoom is a welcome change where parents can opt for a healthier alternative to park in these dengue infested times and maid supervised activities for their tots. Based in Greater Kailash, Zig Zag Zoom offers fun activities and an ‘edutainment’ concept to nourish their minds and soul.

zig-zag-3-mti-news“We have used Montessori concepts like hinge and joint, learning numbers throughzig-zag-13-mti-news abacus n magnetic game, identifying shapes n learning sounds. The idea behind this set up is to aid overall development of the child through various activities like dance, Zumba, storytelling sessions, science lab. It is not only a recreational area but has activities to develop overall personality of the child. We also plan to conduct workshops for kids n parents relating to issues like anger management in kids, substance abuse, bullying, low self-esteem, celebrating failure etc.,” said Dr. Tarandeep Kaur, Director, Zig Zag Zoom.

Zig Zag Zoom provides the city’s first gymnasium for kids with professionally designed equipment like treadmill, stepper, exercise cycle, rower etc. Children in today’s world are stressed with increase in the quantity of the syllabus in schools along with the constant pressure of being the best among their peers. They need an environment where other than playing and having fun, they get to take part in physical activities to de-stress and reduce anxiety. Exercising releases endorphins (the feel good hormones) in the child’s body. It helps in improving their self-esteem along with increasing their confidence.zig-zag-17-mti-news

Zig Zag Zoom also has the city’s first exclusive cafeteria to tempt the little ones with designer and nutritious healthy snacks. Recipes have been designed and created keeping children in mind. “We have healthy stuff like salads, wraps, wheat bread sandwiches, wheat base pizzas and pastas. Our shakes and smoothies are also loaded with goodness of fruits, milk and yoghurt,” she further added. It’s a perfect place for play dates and kids birthday parties and the center has a great collection of books for youngsters.

The activities are designed to foster a spirit of adventure, play, caring and sharing along with proper attention to health & skill enhancement. We offer the little ones choices between reading club, coloring zone, gymnasium, edutainment zone, adventure zone with rock climbing, Toddler zone and soft play area. In keeping with the current trend, little ones are also encouraged to regale their senses and let their mind run free through our specially designed dance classes, storytelling sessions and etc.

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