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General : World’s 1st online museum for Vintage & Current Coins, Stamps & Currency Notes celebrated their first anniversary by offering a Free Bonanza for Coins & Currency Note collectors from 21st to 23rd April 2017



  • Invited collectors to get a coin or currency note from their precious collection, which is currently not in circulation. Got it professionally clicked and the digital image of its soft copy was gifted  to them for FREE
  • Announced 2 unique featuresMintage Photo Pro” &  “Mintage Image Match” to enhance the experience  & knowledge of the collector’s precious collection
  • The museum also home delivers various accessories that are used to clean, store, preserve and restore a collectors valuable coins, stamps & notes collection
21st April 2017, Mumbai:  Launched with an objective to impart and share knowledge. This museum aspires to create interest within the general public, hobbyists, students, scholars, collectors, dealers, investors, buyers & sellers. It brings together experts and researchers to share their experience with the lovers of these rare collectibles. Mintage world is a wonderful way to educate the contemporary world about the rich global historical heritage, tradition & culture. This online museum imparts rare information such as detailed catalogues of stamps, coins and currency notes from worldwide all under one roof.
Every coin in this online museum is uploaded with well curated important aspect like mintmarks, inscription details, weight, metal, denomination, the ruling emperor, date of issue etc. Similarly you would also find crucial insights of stamps like the issue date, type of stamp, perforation, value etc. Information about notes is updated with signatory details, motif description, denomination, date of issue, type of note etc.
Apart from that, the news section keeps you updated with the most recent happenings, latest releases and topical news from worldwide along with respective images in all the 3 sectors. A Unique event calendar will give you prior notifications about the various events, auctions, seminars and forums held worldwide in this sector. A regularly updated blog, run by a team of experts, researchers and writers throws light on some of the most interesting stories that you might have never come across about your favorite hobby till date.
  • Mintage Photo Pro : Using this unique feature, Collectors & Hobbyists can get their valuable collections Professionally, aesthetically & Digitally photographed in the right ambience. Making them share it with anyone & eliminating physical carriage of it
  • Mintage Image Match : One who don’t know much of their coins or notes can simply click a picture of it and upload it on the website. The museum’s immense database will provide the closest reference of the said item detailing the make, origin, mint, Dynasty, ruler, rarity and other details
Till date has 1 lakh registered members, 2 lakh Facebook followers and 3,300 News articles. The museum has a unique “Historical Articles”, “News”, & “Blogs” section by experts who give all information, amazing facts and all update in this sector.
We aim at becoming the world’s best online community that works towards promoting these highly educational and noble hobbies of coin, notes and stamp collection.

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