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General 2.0 Unveiled!


on - MainlandHave you ever found yourself lacking common ground with your child over internet usage? Has the most common solution become banning it completely or giving in wholeheartedly? Presenting a mid-way between the concerns of parents and the wants of a child, introduces the concept of responsible internet. The consumer co-created avatar was created on the basis of feedback from parents and educators around the country during the brand’s feedback campaign earlier this year. Launched in association with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, helps kids take their first step onto the wonderful world of the internet!
Following the ‘Let’s Build’ feedback campaign which garnered more than 1,57,000 responses (Source: Google Analytics) from children, parents and teachers that Mr. Bachchan spearheaded at the end of last year, the platform offers a whole range of interaction and engagement for kids on the internet! Encapsulating the topics that children, parents and teachers wanted to see as part of the platform which included value for money, power of giving, skills and tricks and sports, some of the exciting landmarks include, an interactive zoo packed with information on animals from around the world (Doo Zoo), a single destination for learning to learn skills beyond what is taught in school i.e. Life Skills and Cool Skills (Doo Academy), an in-house airport where kids can travel to different corners around the world with the click of a button (Doo Holidays) sure to be a favourite amongst kids amongst the other host of offerings!
Commenting on the launch of the platform, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan says, “I have closely been following the developments of and am quite excited by how it has taken shape. The participation of children, parents and teachers contributing towards the look and feel has been extremely overwhelming. This only goes to show how much more involved the Indian parent is becoming towards their child’s internet activities which would help them become more responsible in their usage. has been extremely foresighted in understanding the relationship of children to the digital world and ensured that they gain only quality content. Having started at a time when acceptance for internet for kids was low, has been able to understand the role of the parent in this journey. Having done so, the platform is a perfect synthesis of balancing a child’s needs and a parent’s concerns. Just like we hold our child’s hand and teach them to walk, in a similar way, guiding them to take their first steps on the online world is immensely critical. is just one step in this direction which we can envision to be a community effort going forward.”
Mr. Monish Ghatalia (Founder – says, “We are extremely happy that Mr. Bachchan has associated with us in spearheading the mission of creating We are confident that the platform will receive the love and support from children and parents across the country. The additional security features as well as the parental dashboard are an attempt to keep the parent as involved in their child’s internet journey thereby hand.

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