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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy; should you still use it or switch to better options!



Mr. Ajit Patel_Founder & CEO, n-gage mti newsIndia, September, 2016: Does this mean that I will have to face a barrage of marketing service related messages on WhatsApp? What if my personal details land in the wrong hands? Will my number be shared with all the marketers?

These are the common concerns voiced by more than a billion WhatsApp users since the recent amendment to its policy. The reason for this uproar is because in today’s world, your mobile number is your identity and itis integrated to almost all the critical applications, from banking, travel, and more importantly the Aadhar Card, which is India’s answer to the Social Security Number.

More than a billion WhatsApp users are facing one or the other questions, some are bothered and some are not, but the fact of the matter is that WhatsApp has clearly betrayed the trust of its users by deciding to share their mobile number with Facebook. No matter howWhatsApp try to defend the decision, the fact remains that WhatsAppusers’ privacy has come under serious threat with the new dictate.

Commenting on the new WhatsApp policy, Mr. Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage app said, “When WhatsApp announced its end to end encryption, it was natural to assume that they were now focusing on their users’ privacy. However, this recent announcement has certainly overthrown what should have been the application’s natural move to introduce privacy features for its users. With the media constantly inundating us on the dangers and threats of personal data being abused by companies and more importantly the friends we send messages to, we are dedicated to tackle the issue of privacy. This is why we have developed 13 privacy features, each providing the user with control and a unique way to prevent abuse of personal data and messages”

But technology is fast evolving and there are many chat apps today, which are more competitive and feature rich than WhatsApp and will remain ad free for many years. One app which has taken user privacy to another level is n-gage.