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n-gage, World’s First 360 Degree Lifestyle Chat-App Provides 10 Exclusive Privacy Features



PR Screenshot for SafeIntruding ones privacy is a farce situation which is prevailing on an everyday basis in the online world. n-gage, world’s first 360 degree lifestyle chat-app has taken extra measures to not just safeguard technical security, but has also introduced new ways to ensure privacy to suit the individual’s needs. Features such as ‘Private Area’, have been developed to enable users to keep their secret friends, chats with them, and groups hidden within a password protected area.

“When we talk about smartphones and the online world, privacy is the first thing that comes into everyone’s mind. Instant messaging apps are the biggest threat to a user’s privacy. As a result, we at n-gage have developed certain features, which allow users to control who reads their messages both from their and the receiver’s end.  The app has been developed after an in-depth study to provide privacy features that compliment the need of a user” says Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage.

Additional features such as ‘Safe’ allows users to send password protected messages, resolving many users worry as to whether their messages could be read by other people, aside from the receiver. If that was not enough, ‘Blink’ brings peace of mind to the user, knowing that their messages will self destruct at the receiver’s end after a specific time.

With ‘Scramble’, users can control the way their messages are received at the receiver’s end by sending chats and images in an illegible or pixilated state, which can be uncovered in just 3 taps. Once read, these messages return their scrambled state.

n-gage also introduced ‘Extract’, the one of its kind feature, for users who later regret sending certain messages or having conversations. Extract pulls back a message or an entire conversation from the receiver’s phone without leaving a trace. Users can also move multimedia files stored on their SD cards and phone memory into the n-gage ‘Private Gallery’ feature.

Whilst majority of the apps provide the ability to disable the “Last seen” status, ‘Stealth Mode’ takes it to the next level by providing users with the option to appear invisible to certain n-gage contacts. Further features such as ‘Disable Screenshot’ and ‘Disable Copy/ Forward’ have been introduced to ensure users can protect their messages from being used by others.

n-gage aims to change the way people communicate by providing features, which protect their messages on their device through encryption.  The app is available for use on Android, iOS, PC and tablet.