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‘War’ a war of existence



6There are many things happening in society wrong. But that is affected in some way unless reachable as long as you add. unrighteous assault victim raised the issue of the show were very low dhamakahi tyaviruddha voice. ‘ War ‘ a war of existence this coming fight will look vyavastheviruddhaca established roles. Therefore societyspotted ghatanancam image display is authentic prayatnadigdarsaka said Rajiv Ruia. Apparently the film to the next May 15.

Directed by Shekhar gijare built Rajiv Ruia ‘ yuddhaeka existence Fight ‘This thing has been put atmasanmanaci woman. They tore the veil is distinguished society that dared to bring the dynamic story. Man’s heart pasuvrttice appearance ghadavatanaca air to take the lead samajaneca should thecayala pasuvrttila such time , the message of God ragini ahepatrakara film was presented effectively or , Yes the woman or general discrimination and have been shown the film yatanaya grapes in her sorrows. Or that are suffering samoram bring the fight, but the fight to face many unpleasant incidences her battle. But her determination to fight overtook, or jiddilaujvala Desai , master chief inspector , and the bow of Deshmukh and is received with the dilelaanyayaviruddhaca fight together.

‘ My Friend Ganesha ‘ Marathi cinema is like a beautiful Rajiv Ruia, who directed the first Hindi film. ‘ War ‘ a war of existence , the cinema poverty of the common man , who comment on the proposed vyavastheviruddhaca anger. The film apapravrtti varakeleli overcome every beautiful is .

The story is of Shekhar gijare. Abhi which the Gadgil did write this movie , but the cinematography and art direction is why bisaveni Suresh Suresh Pillai. Sea songs Jaffer said film has clair music is held responsible for discrimination by car. Rajesh srngarapure ,  Tejaswini Pandit , texture redakara , Pankaj Vishnu , usaganvakara year , Smita Oak , Sanjay Kulkarni , Somnath tadavalakara , soft Minister’s role is in this movie. This movie is getting displayed throughout the creation of credit entaratenmentaci from 15 May.


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