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Advocate V K Dubey, has been honoured with the prestigious “MTI Excellence Award 2024”



The renowned Indian legal figure, Advocate Vinay Kumar Dubey, has been honoured with the prestigious “MTI Excellence Award 2024” in recognition of his unwavering dedication to achieving legal excellence, particularly within the field of social justice.

Media Tracking of India (MTI) one of the pioneers in tracking news and other media and identifies persons who have been doing good work for the society and acknowledges Advocate Dubey’s significant contributions to upholding the principles of justice and ensuring equal access to the legal system for all.

Advocate V.K. Dubey’s illustrious career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of social justice. His dedication to this cause has undoubtedly had a profound impact on countless individuals and communities across India.

The MTI Excellence Award serves as a testament to  Advocate V.K. Dubey’s exceptional legal skills, unwavering ethical compass, and unwavering commitment to social justice. This recognition is sure to inspire others to follow his path and strive for a more just and equitable society.

Advocate V.K. Dubey, an esteemed figure in the Indian legal landscape known for his unwavering commitment to legal excellence, has emerged as a passionate advocate for the implementation of “One Nation, One Law” in India. This call comes as a crucial step towards ensuring equal justice for all citizens under a unified legal framework.

He recently had the privilege to meet Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah at his home in Ahmedabad and after having some sweets he was blessed by the Home Minister for his efforts to get justice for the common man. He was appreciated for his efforts on “One Nation, One Law” and was asked by Mr. Amit Shah to go ahead in this crusade.

Advocate V. K. Dubey is already supporting the underprivileged people in getting justice as well as improving their quality of life by running many social organizations and charitable

He is the Chairman of Gyandev Seva Samiti and associated with Brahman Ekta Manch Charity Trust, Kumari Mamta Devi Memorial Charitable Trust, V K Dubey Foundation, KNYS Organization and Bharat Kisan Kranti Morcha. Besides, he is also associated with many social and educational institutions and continuously co-operates in social work. Recently, thousands of women from villages and remote areas in Uttar Pradesh have been provided employment through his efforts.
Legal Luminary’s Educational Background:

Advocate V. K. Dubey, with a solid foundation in legal education, completed his integrated law degree (BLS LLB) from Nalanda Law College, Mumbai, and further pursued an LLM from Madhav University, Rajasthan. His early career included a pivotal internship with Adv. KR Mehta, providing him invaluable hands-on experience in drafting and pleading. Dubey played a very active role in atrocities of police on lawyers and he demanded for the Advocates Protection Act from the state government. Recently Dubey has also been appointed as Advisor to the Union Home Ministry, Department of official language.

A Decade of Legal Excellence at the Bombay High Court: Since 2011, Advocate V. K. Dubey has honed his skills at the prestigious Bombay High Court, demonstrating not only his legal acumen but also developing a profound understanding of the intricacies of the Indian legal system over the past decade.

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Legal Practice:

As a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, Advocate Vinay Kumar Dubey founded V. K Dubey Associates, a distinguished law firm offering a comprehensive range of legal services. The firm specializes in various legal domains, including civil and criminal cases, corporate law, bail and anticipatory bail matters, civil suits, bank matters, domestic violence cases, and intellectual property rights. In addition to this he is also founder and running a law firm United Legal specially running and dealing into the matters of NPA, DRT and NCLT PAN India and firm has established good name and fame into the legal field with its timely commitment and being result oriented. Advocate V.K. Dubey is also founder and running law firms  M/s. VKDL Corporation and KNS Legal throughout which he is dealing into various legal matters pan India. He is also legal advisor to Mti News Wire.

Championing Equal Justice:

Advocate V.K. Dubey’s reputation extends beyond the courtroom, having successfully represented high-profile individuals. His commitment to justice and equality has led him to advocate for “One Nation, One Law” as an essential step towards ensuring that all Indian citizens receive equal justice under a unified legal framework.

What is One Nation One Law and why is it important

“One Nation One Law” is a concept that advocates for a uniform legal system throughout a nation, as opposed to having separate laws for different regions or communities within the country. In the context of India, it could imply the implementation of a single set of laws that applies uniformly to all citizens regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or regional identity.

India is known for its diverse population, with people belonging to various religions, cultures, and traditions. Over the years, there have been debates and discussions regarding the need for a uniform civil code in the country. Currently, India has different personal laws governing various aspects of life, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption, based on an individual’s religion.

Commitment to Legal Education and Practical Learning:

Recognizing the importance of imparting practical knowledge to future generations of legal professionals, Advocate V K. Dubey frequently shares his insights at national-level seminars. He strongly advocates for practical experience to complement the theoretical foundation of law students, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to legal education.

Professionalism and Client Satisfaction:

Renowned for his ethical and result-oriented approach, Advocate V.K. Dubey ensures that his clients receive the best possible representation. With a team of highly trained professionals, he maintains a strong dedication to his work, consistently exceeding client expectations and fostering enduring relationships based on trust.

Accolades and Recognition:

Advocate V.K. Dubey’s contributions to the legal field have been recognized, earning him a distinguished position as a member of the Hindi Advisory Committee of the Indian Government. This reflects his commitment not only to legal matters but also to the preservation and promotion of the Hindi language.

Advocate V.K.  Dubey’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring lawyers, highlighting the significance of dedication, experience, and a commitment to practical learning in the legal profession. His call for “One Nation, One Law” is rooted in the belief that equal justice is fundamental to the democratic principles of the nation.

We look forward to witnessing Advocate V.K. Dubey’s continued contributions to the Indian legal landscape in the years to come.