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Rani Pari in Amritsar – the city of her own



Sudeepa Singh-Rani Pari with her fans (3)Baal Veer is a fantastical TV show where superhero – Baal Veer takes all of its viewers on an adventurous trip to Parilok. Baal Veer is the savior of Parilok and children protecting them from the evil intentions of evil Paris and denizens of the dark. Baal Veer and his set of friends counter evil and negative intentions of dastardly forces and uphold natural justice and order of the system.

Baal Veer is got all its viewers entertained so well that it has been receiving an amazing response from its audiences. This entertaining fantasy show has garnered so much love and affection from their fans across India and the world. No matter where they go, they always get the most wonderful response ever from their viewers. This time was no different when Sudeepa Singh played by Rani Pari visited her home state of Punjab to meet and greet the kids.

The kids couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their favorite Rani Pari stand in front of them. All children clicked pictures with their beloved Pari and even got autographed signed from her.

Sudeepa Singh mentioned, “Amritsar has always been my home and it feels simply amazing going back to my birth place. The memories are still fresh and will never fade. I really love kids and consider myself lucky to receive their love back.”


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