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Vijhay Badlaani enters Tenali Rama as mysterious Dholwala



VijaySony SAB’s Tenali Rama has kept the viewers entertained with interesting and witty storyline. As Rama solves the challenges put forward by Mulla Naseeruddin Shah, he is in for another task with the entry of the mysterious Dholwala.

Vijaynagar is about to light up with the entry of Siddhesan, a peculiar Dholwala, being played by Vijhay Badlaani. Under great pressure to finish his second Granth, Rama is challenged by this enigmatic new entrant. While this Dholwala is somehow mysteriously capable of playing a Dhol without touching its surface, he challenges Rama to do the same. Clueless about what is the great secret behind it, Rama is set on investigating this in order to exempt himself from being Dholwala’s servant. While he investigates, there are some strange and shocking revelations being made.

Will these revelations turn situations in Rama’s favor or against him, is for the audience to find out.

Talking about his experience, Vijhay Badlaani said, “I am extremely excited to be working with the team of Tenali Rama, as everyone is very talented and supportive here. Playing the role of this strange Dholwala was an amazing experience and the viewers are going to enjoy the episodes as there are some amusing revelations about to be made.”

Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Rama said, “Rama is in great stress of completing his granthas and at the same time, has the challenge of playing the dhol just like the Dholwala does. As the consequences of losing the challenge would lead Rama to be Dholwala’s servant, he is engrossed in finding the key behind this strange talent of playing the dhol without touching it. The viewers are going to have an amazing time watching what comes next for Rama.”

Watch Tenali Rama at 7:30 PM, Monday to Friday only on Sony SAB