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It’s was a double whammy for the audience. Burning the mid night oil to ensure the completion and  success of the film “Love Exchange”, the producer  hosted trailer & music launch of the film “Love Exchange”.

While they flaunt the tiara of fame and popularity, Mumbai’s glamour and music brigade showed up in number at the trailer & music launch of the film “Love Exchange”.

Renowned names from Music industry and Bollywood were the biggest attraction at the high end trailer & music launch of the film “Love Exchange”.

The trailer & music launch of the film “Love Exchange” saw the entire cast of the film including :-Raj V Shetty , Nadia Ali Shirazi, Mohit Madan, Jyoti Sharma, Darshan Jariwala,Manoj Pahwa, Nilu Kohli, Shaama Deshpande, Jaidev Kumar, Kumaar, Advik Mahajan , Roopali Krishna Rao, Subodh Narkar and Marketing consultant Girish Wankhede  

It was a nostalgic moment for the team as they consider the film and heading for release by setting record in financing the film in 23 days ,Theall sole about their experiences, Mohit and Jyoti thanked each other for being encouraging co stars and Producer  and director for having each other for them like a great team , lyricist Kunar  and Jaidev Kunar were present too

The trailer & music launch of the film “Love Exchange” saw the star studded line from Bollywood and music fraternity which will include:-  Dev Negi, Master Saleem, Simerjit Kumar, Javed Bashir (Jimmy), Shipra Goyal, Sanj V, Sharada Pandit

Director of the film Raj. V. Shetty says:-

 “When you fall in love and get ready to marry, see that you know your partner, their culture, their friends, their neighbors, their relatives……. Then get married”

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