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This International Women’s Day, Mompreneurs celebrate on Trell



Mumbai, 7th March 2021: They say, ‘Not all people are born equal’. If you look at mothers that way, they are a different breed of humans altogether. They can hone several caps simultaneously as homemakers, breadwinners, and whatnot. They can be seen inspiring people with empathy-driven social work and, at the same time, also with their machismo as fighter pilots and MMA wrestlers. In fact, India’s ambitious Mars mission, interestingly called MOM, wouldn’t have been possible without ‘moms’.

So, this Women’s Day, let’s have a look at the top-3 mommy influencers who are inspiring more women to step up their game and follow their passion.

ShamTbhavi Mishra or Talksassy, as she is widely known, after reaching a peak in her journalism career decided to take up fashion and beauty blogging. She became a mom last year and now also uses her platform to share her daily experiences with baby care products.

Nipa Kamat – Being a mother doesn’t stop her from Vlogging about day-to-day beauty trends. She also often posts Vlogs with her kids sharing their happy family moments

Shrima Rai – A mommy fashionista, who’s the perfect example of how moms can do it all. Her profile talks about everything from sharing different ways to wear pant boots to tips on better parenting

Trell has also announced the launch of their Women’s Day campaign, Superस्त्री in a bid to promote unity, respect, and harmony between women and to encourage them to stand together and emerge stronger.