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The Resort, Madh-Marve, draws out X Commandments for Water Saving



Mumbai, 5th May, 2017… As the water crisis worsens, The Resort, Madh-Marve has drawn up X Commandments which the hotel and its staff have committed to follow at the hotel. Designed as best practices and must-do’s, these are critical steps to curb water wastage and ensure optimal re-use. Not restricting only to the staff, the Hotel extends the same along with their hospitality to discerning guests, to play their role in water saving.

The team at The Resort, Madh-Marve which had already made several amendments in early February, has now drawn up a list of X Commandments, which are an outcome of brainstorming and discussion across multiple departments at the hotel. The agenda was simple, with each personnel being asked to ponder over a simple question – how can your department save or re-use water, without inconveniencing our guests. What emerged were executable initiatives, which when put together lead to a sizeable water amount of water saving.

The X Commandments

I) Thy shall use rinsed water from laundry for cleaning garbage rooms

II) Thy shall only wash full loads in laundry

III) Thy shall adjust ice machines to dispense ice basis requirements, no wasting

IV) Thy shall water the lawn in the morning instead of afternoon, to avoid evaporation

V) Thy shall give vehicles a dry wipe. Wet wash to be avoided, unless absolutely required

VI) Thy shall install signage’s in guest rooms, wash rooms and restaurants to encourage water conservation; Thy shall also place text next to all the bath tubs requesting guests to abstain from their use bath tub.

VII) Thy shall use a combination of oven instead of Pot Boiler and Brat Pan

VIII) Thy shall ensure utensils and dishes are pre-soaked to save usage of running water

IX) Not compromising on hygiene and cleanliness, thy shall wash vegetables and fruits in a sink of water rather than under a running water rinse.

X) As a standard practice, water glasses are only half at the restaurant and the bottle is left on the table. Thy shall use the leftover water for floor cleaning purposes

From water saving signage’s being installed in guest rooms, wash rooms and the restaurant areas – gently reminding them to use water responsibly, to laundry wash being done only with full load, to using rinsed water from the laundry wash for cleaning and washing of garbage rooms, to the hotel’s beautifully manicured lawns and gardens being watered in the mornings rather than afternoon to avoid evaporation and many others, which total to 10.

Talking about the pro-active initiatives in water conservation, Satyajit Kotwal, General Manager, The Resort, Madh-Marve said, “That the water situation is grave is a known fact and that each of us have to play our role responsibly is also known, but it is the actions that are undertaken that will make all the difference. With each team sharing feedback, we realised that some very simple changes in our operations could lead to better water utilization. We invite our guests to partner with us through simply using water responsibly, while enjoying our hospitality.”

In April, the apex body for over 10,000 restaurants across Maharashtra had issued a circular urging all eateries to serve half a glass of water to patrons, and replenish it only on request. Water from the half consumed water bottles left behind by guests is now collected in buckets and used for cleaning purposes across the hotel premise.

Concludes Satyajit, “We are confident that it is these simple steps that will go a long way in making a difference. Our teams have been committed to the recommendations they have given and guests have been appreciative of the initiative. We have seen almost no use of the bath-tubs and a reduction in water wastage in several areas.”