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The Prahlad Kakar School of Branding n Entrepreneurship (PKSBE) celebrates its launch in Mumbai in association with the Whistling Woods International (WWI)



L to R   Javed Jaffery, Subhash Ghai & Prahlad Kakar

L to R Javed Jaffery, Subhash Ghai & Prahlad Kakar

“Genius is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought.”   …  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Mumbai, March 16, 2016: A Man of Many Hats, One of India’s leading Ad Film Makers and Brand Guru, Prahlad Kakar joins with Whistling Woods for the launch of a one-of-its-kind institute which inculcates an extraordinary concept of education that goes by the tagline, “Beyond Fear”. This school of business is aimed at all those young dreamers who wanted to follow a dream but were too scared to even articulate them.

The idea for this particular SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, which is undoubtedly unique’ to say the least, has come from 3 decades of experimental experience of running a highly successful organization called Genesis, which has provided some of the best professionals in this country.

PK believes that we are the sum total of all the fears that we collect subliminally as we grow and that our propensity for risk is governed by our courage and character to overcome the fear that we carry within us. Most potential entrepreneurs are risk averse because they are paralyzed not only by the fear of failing but also by the fear of fear itself. We have devised a curriculum where we subject our kids and future leaders to their greatest fears and help them to perform despite them.

Mr. Kakar adds, “PKSBE aims at creating a whole new breed of professionals, who are fearless at decision making, which will turn them into successful entrepreneurs.

Chairman and Founder of WWI, Mr. Subhash Ghai believes that the curriculum and academia is cutting edge with its intensity to make sure that the students understand the rules of engagement backwards so that they can rewrite them.

Majorly focusing on two courses, Ad Film-Making & Branding (1 year) and Fellowship in Business and Entrepreneurship (2 years). Though the Programs might sound conventional, the delivery and learning outcomes are unique and completely different from anything that anyone has experienced yet.

Ad Film-Making & Branding (1 year)

This program focuses on creating free thinkers -individuals who are ferociously independent in their thinking, loyalty, and commitment. One who would not just be an advertising filmmaker or an advertising professional, but also a great story teller, they would become a huge asset for any organization that has the courage and the foresight to hire them.

Fellowship in Business & Entrepreneurship (2 years)

The students will be put through hugely demanding academic curriculum interlinked and dove tailed into an outdoor series of activities which will make them confront and overcome their greatest fears which is not fear of failure alone but the fear of fear itself which we all live with every single day of our lives and honing their capacities for entrepreneurship (risk intelligence), decision making, crisis management, crisis prevention (anticipation) and believing implicitly in Murphy’s Law. For the uninitiated ‘Anything that Can go wrong Will go wrong”.

The Architecture of Learning Systems at PKSBE:

The PKSBE is committed to provide its students many opportunities and experiences through its path breaking and rigorous activities like scuba diving (Facing the greatest fear of the Unknown), sky diving, Mountaineering, Global Community Programs, Horse Riding, Golf, boot camps, Reptile Sensitization (the stuff Nightmares are made of) etc into the curriculum. In academia, we will be among the first to introduce Market and Predictive Analytics as a subject, to help students predict or influence the future and use marketing Initiatives that contribute to the bottom-line. And through Isha Foundation’s Inner engineering program establish the possibility to explore the higher dimensions of life and offer tools to engineer oneself through the Inner science of Yoga to optimise all aspects of Health, Inner growth and Success.

Adding to this, Dr. Vinay Agarwal, Director of PKSBE said, “This innovative concept will not only prepare students for their professional life but will get them ready to take on life challenges as well.”

The institute’s eminent Advisors & mentors include names like Prahlad Kakar, Subhash Ghai, Diwan Arun Nanda, Piyush Pandey, Capt.Gopinath, Ms.Lina Ashar, Dhiraj Rajaram, Mahesh Murthy, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Dr.Velumani, Gary Kirsten, RaghuRam & Rajiv Laxman, Chef Jolly, Jamling Norgay (Tenzings son),  Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, amongst others and the best of Mentors from the Genesis Film Production school  of hard knocks. The mentors will groom their students not just theoretically but by getting them to experience real life learning’s too.

Our vision:

– To take the Genesis experience right to the doors of academia.

– To catalyse concept into applied science.

-To convert the student into a professional.

-To breach the barrier of fear.  Fear which inhibits creativity and growth.

– To leap across the chasm of gentle learning to aggressive achievement.

To produce winners.  And warriors.


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