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TALLUK – Social Network for neighborhood has been Launched in Delhi



LogoTalluk, a startup in the online space of social network for neighborhood has

been launched with an aim to build harmony & cohesion amongst the neighbors. It is one stop platform

that helps the Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), Market Welfare Associations (MWAs),

communities and other groups to share & interact with each other thus encouraging community living. It

helps residents communicate with one another and is a platform which will help residents in buying/selling

properties/rent, raising local issues & others. The highlight of Talluk is that it is a free service that anyone

can join by embracing an idea with the innovative hand of technology. The company has been founded by

budding entrepreneurs Vishal Sharma & Sudhir Goyal who are IT professionals.

According to Vishal Sharma – Founder & Director of Talluk said, “Today Modern society is centered

around the unsafe neighborhoods, apathy towards neighborhood concerns & an abused usage of virtual

world of socializing and the rapid depletion of social cohesion in the communities” He further added, With

the launch of Talluk, we aim to become like Facebook for the neighbourhood which will change the face

Talluk platform is user friendly & the portal ( is seamlessly integrated with an email

solution. The members are provided with vendor management & facility management services such as

dealing with local kirana/ vegetable shop/ medicine shop etc. The user can communicate with the

vendors, can refer them in the neighbourhood and can also rate them for their services. In addition other

services be it announcement, important notifications like property on sale/rent, Festive Melas,

electricity/water bill etc will be circulated through the same portal, thereby decreasing the man-power and

paper and printing cost to distribute the papers in physical form. Facility management services like

booking tennis court, club house, party room etc is offered.

It also provides a ready tool for initiating discussion forums where residents can discuss any topical issue

concerning their society/locality. Talluk’s other services include free search, online chat in the

neighbourhood, buy/sell, yellow pages, user complaint registration, Online RWA elections (online voting),

customer surveys, local news and Neighbourhood story.

The entire concept of Talluk benefits the RWAs, residents & small businesses. RWAs and member

associations receive tangible benefit where with the usage of Talluk, they save a substantial cost saving

of up to 50% of their annual expenses as all the communication happens through TALLUK free of cost,

instantly reducing the man-power and printing cost. The intelligent software helps the associations,

streamline and automate almost all the processes and operations for them. The residents enjoy privileged

services like on demand services, raising complaints, buy/sell/rent in the neighborhood and create sub

interest groups like Kitty, Tennis, Morning walk etc

With the implementation of Talluk, there is an increasing level of communication and responsiveness

towards local problems/issues. This results in an enhanced social cohesiveness & hence positively

impacts the Safety of the society/community.Talluk helps the association in managing the concerns of the

residents as well as communicate regularly on latest developments.

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