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Tablet Review – Datawind 3G7Z



DW Box top DataWind Tablet PC 3G7Z

We selected DataWind as it has been one of the earliest proponents of Android tablets, producing the excellent low cost Ubislate range of tablets. We procured the 7″ tablet  model PC 3G7Z and opened the box. We found that the front of the tab looks impressive, with thick black borders, a capacitive Start/ Stop button below the screen and a front camera above it, the volume control buttons and power on/off button were on the right side of the tablet. We had little expectations from the tablet; however were pleasantly surprised by the new technology under the hood.

DW Inside the boxWhile unboxing the Tablet we found that it comes with one USB charger along with charging-cum data cable and another OTG USB data cable for external USB flash drive connectivity. We then opened its small back cover and found space for two Sim cards and a micro-SD memory card. We inserted in our Sim card, closed the back cover and powered on the tablet.

The tablet performance was great right from the start. The 7” display gave a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels. We first entered our credentials and it booted up to its main desktop screen with the Android 4.2.2. Naturally went through the installed Apps to bring our favorite apps to the main screen.DW in box

Found a lot of pre-installed apps and many were useful – Kingsoft office, Skype, Smart reader – which replaced my Kindle e-book reader, then there were the basic standard apps like calculator, camera, Clock, Clean manager, file manager, FM Radio, Email Calendar, Sound recorder etc.

There were some pre-installed games like Sudoku, chess and Bubble blaster, which we found useful in keeping one engaged and out of trouble when idle. The Tablet provided us enough space to download more applications or music etc.. on the Tablet. It has 1 GB of RAM and a massive 8GB of inbuilt storage, which can be further expanded by an additional 32GB. This allows us to download and use a lot of apps and Videos.

DW Box side

DW SlotsThe best thing about the tablet was that it comes with an offer of a full one-year of free internet powered by Reliance and Telenor this would allow us to send and receive email, whatsapp, facebook and even make voice and video calls on the go. Being a tablet with a larger screen and a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels, it can be used a a mini laptop to fulfill our basic computing requirement including writing letters or using spreadsheets or even preparing and showing presentations with pre-installed Kingsoft office.

Overall we found the performance to be good. The capacitive touch screen had a good response and the Cortex A7 Dual core processor running at 1.2 Ghz gave a amazing performance, the camera being a 3 mega pixel, was able to take good pictures and the Wifi and bluetooth worked straight off without any glitches.

We played YouTube videos and were surprised to see a continuous play without a pause to fetch data. This indicated the power of the Processor and its synchronization with the Graphics sub-system and cache memory.DW Back viewThe Tablet is comfortable to hold and has well rounded corners and the back is having a design that prevents fingerprint marks and reduces slippage, yet keeping it comfortable to hold. The battery is not removable.

Finally some advice from the tech Gurus : Take goDW personalisation Screenod care of the tablet; it is an electronic device and is fragile so prevent it from dropping, water, and other physical abuse. Install a scratch-guard and get a flip cover with soft silicone back casing and you are good to go.


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