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SWISS brings Canton St. Gallen’s food delights aboard



Swiss Taste mti news01Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will be offering its inflight guests culinary specialities from Canton St. Gallen. The latest chapter in the award-winning “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” inflight foodservice programme centres on creations from the Einstein Gourmet hotel restaurant in the city of St. Gallen. SWISS also turns to Canton St. Gallen for its latest “SWISS Traditions” feature, which will spotlight the OLMA regional country fair from 12 to 25 October.

SWISS First and SWISS Business travellers on long-haul flights from Switzerland will be offered tasty delights from Canton St. Gallen in the latest chapter of the airline’s “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” inflight foodservice programme, which will run from today (1 September) until 30 November.

With its history, its people and its landscapes, the St. Gallen region in Eastern Switzerland is a source of inspiration for all the human senses. And for the next three months, all of SWISS’s long-haul services from Switzerland will be serving special meal creations from the award-winning Einstein Gourmet restaurant of the Hotel Einstein in the city of St. Gallen. With its avant-garde French cuisine, the Einstein Gourmet has been the proud holder of one Michelin Star and 17 GaultMillau Points since October 2015. And the exclusive new meals devised specially for SWISS’s flights are the work of its executive chef duo of Sebastian Zier and Moses Ceylan.

SWISS First travellers will enjoy such delights as scampi with carrot and ginger chutney and toasted cashew nuts, followed by panko-crusted salmon with coconut risotto and pak choi, with a dessert of St. Gallen biberli mousse with Granny Smith apple and walnut ice cream. And for SWISS Business the two chefs have concocted a dream starter of char mi-cuit with apple salsa and jelly, cucumber tapioca and black mustard, a choice of two main courses including Alpstein chicken with PX sauce, truffled polenta and a carrot and courgette medley, and a dessert of plum and cinnamon mousse with plum compote and amaretti and walnut crumble.

Both SWISS First and SWISS Business guests will further be offered a selection of the finest Swiss cheeses, including a chällerhocker from the Toggenburg region. Canton St. Gallen also boasts excellent terroirs for winegrowing. And SWISS guests will enjoy some of the canton’s highlights here, too, such as a Bernecker Chardonnay 2015 and a Höcklistein Pinot Noir 2012, both carefully selected by maître d’hôtel Stephan Nitzsche.

SWISS Traditions spotlights the OLMA

The Swiss Agriculture & Food Fair, more commonly known as the OLMA, is held in St. Gallen every autumn. In addition to livestock shows, podium discussions and a funfair, the OLMA has a lot to offer in culinary terms. And a selection of its specialities will be giving SWISS guests a flavour of the OLMA experience aloft between 12 and 25 October.

Travellers on longer European flights will enjoy the famous OLMA bratwurst (veal sausage), served with local-style polenta and onion sauce, while vegetarian guests will be offered chääschnöpfli, a further local speciality; and both should enjoy the dessert of Toggenburg schlorzifladen. A sausage-and-cheese salad with dried beef will also be served on selected European flights.