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Sumadhura music Solitaire khulanara theory cinema On 29 May 2015, the state will be displayed



IMG_1082Currently, there have been days of harvest Marathi cinema   Though, said on the occasion of the cinema  Who handled the subject of the common rich-content   That the survival of the New   Is.    Phendri, schools and allow   The names of these films will be strong.   ‘Navalakha Media Arts and entaratenmenta’s and Nilesh Navalakha  ‘Holy Basil productions Pvt Ltd’ s discretion of kajariya   A list of films and the theory of the formation of quality  Enter the name of the movie   Is.   This year doghansobata   ‘Vharcyu entaratenmenta’s Me by Amit   Alignment is made.  Who underlined ayusya Email via the formula … jaganyacam aware that neither observer can decrypt pecaprasangaci many life   ‘Theory’   In Maharashtra, the entire movie will be released on May 29,   Is. Recently went through a large wedding ceremony music launch of the film. Marathi sinesrstitila valid and film actor Vikram Gokhale body, Swati, Kishore Kadam, Ganesh Yadav, multicolored reserves, Neha Mahajan, Madhavi Soman, Chandra Shekhar Kulkarni, Prashant ascetic, S square, and Baba afle Kanchan Jadhav were present.

Songs   And sweet   Music joined rangaleli Even more baharali that Shankar Mahadevan’s song.   Music Director   Shailendra Barve and   Gitakara   Soumitra (Kishore Kadam) of jodagoline sajavalelya songs to be very  Singer Shankar Mahadevan and    Makarand Deshpande.    Smoky smoky live … engaged … is a little tight too few songs that the audience really like to believe that the spirit of the film … Shankar Mahadevan had spoken.

The   Now the name of the movie Satasamudrapara is reached.   Theory of Toronto in Marathi film   International Film Festival of South   United States (IFFSA) and New York International Film Festival has been to.   This movie is the grandfather of Appa thosar Vikram Gokhale and He is the grandson of vakratund thosar Walking around the archit devdhar of ayusyabhovati. Tyancyamadhalya Kin is an abiding principle of mathematics thread. This movie is hot inside as the best drawing layers are in motion, but the truth is that gumphanara thread … that love, faith,kin and non-fundamentals. Or   Artwork moon perhaps four rich-content   Acting   ‘Theory’ of free will to see the audience mittane   There is no doubt.

Living means that grandfather   And Grandson Of This is underlined in the sense that the relationship is a different movie. Putting my trust in the Creator And I am grateful to my digdarsanatila debut artists or up-averse and my team, also said Vivek tiger.   This executive producer role with discretion Tiger   The film, directed his debut in the field Are   “So far, ‘Checkmate’, ‘Ring Ring’, ‘school’, ‘phamdri’, ‘Invincible’, is one of more than a gelatin films of the design, and non-executive producer role was a different experience and enjoy, but the direction the other side of the sense of a positive sense of perspective in a different question. Living to meet-or, to meet the realities, cinema and space in mind, “says Vivek tiger By ‘Theory’ About The Said.

Marathi cinema is rich-content. Therefore, the quality of the artwork to show the audience   Our psyche. Therefore, it has been kept the rule last. The touching and mind alavarapane Concluded that their abhirucila   That our   ‘Theory’ Will come down in the audience favorite, trusted manufacturer   Nilesh navalakha said.

In this context the manufacturer   Vivek kajariya said, Communities deeply reach through this movie.  Disavam your kalakrtituna reflection of today’s community, that is our own. We have tried this theory or merchandised. Movie to take on a different level Our Team Everyone’s contribution is equally important.

This is a solution that breaks the formula of life … get a craving dinner tyamadhalya searching questions  ‘Theory’   May 29, 2015, the state will be displayed.


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