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Staying cool all day, every day ColorPlus launches chinos enriched with the ‘X-Cool Finish’



CoolitResil Chemicals, a diversified chemical and performance materials manufacturer, has announced the launch of its intelligent summer garment technology for textiles- COOLITTM. COOLITTM is a sustainable cooling technology that responds dynamically to body temperature and perspiration. On contact with sweat, COOLITTMgenerates a cooling effect, leaving wearers feeling cool and comfortable.

ColorPlus, one of India’s premium and most respected brandshas unveiled its new range of chinos with a unique ‘X-Cool Finish’. This revolutionary cooling finish utilizes COOLITTM technology from Resil Chemicals during the finishing process to ensure that chinos stay cool. COOLITTM treated fabrics adapt to body temperature to keep wearersat their comfortable best. Stay cool and relaxed in chinosenriched with the ‘X-Cool Finish’.
Speakingabout this innovative technology Mr.Ganesh Srinivasan, Executive Director – Innovation, Resil Chemicals, said “Though we are the pioneers in innovative textile technology with technologies such as anti-odour, we realize that customers have other pain points when it comes to wearer comfort and feeling cool. It is the need of the hour especially due to changing climatic conditions. COOLITTM is completely safe for the garment and environment and therefore the quality of the fabric is not altered in any way.Resil Chemicals has invested a lot of time and effort into the R&Dand testing of smart technologies” Mr.Sai Krishnan, from ColorPlus believes that such functional finishes add value to the product range and provides the benefit of superior comfort to the consumer.
These chinos are available across ColorPlus exclusive and franchise stores across India at a price of Rs 1895/-

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