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Dine with Colonel Sanders (well, almost) at a KFC restaurant near you

New Delhi, 21st August 2020: Craving for your favourite KFC bucket, but bummed out about sitting afar from your friend or loved one? Well Superhero Colonel Sanders comes to your rescue. He is as particular about your safety and well-being as he is about serving his hot & crispy fried chicken. And he will keep you company as you dig into your favourite bucket of chicken at a KFC restaurant. Making social distancing fun and easy, adorning the seat next to you will be a quirky cutout of Colonel Sanders. Now that’s what we call good company over a really good meal.

A man of his words, Colonel Sanders takes forward KFC’s 4X Safety Promise of Sanitization, Screening, Social Distancing and ContactLess. We’ve upped our existing stringent hygiene measures with intensified sanitization every 30 minutes, of all surface areas like tables, counters, door handles, etc. All our team members, including delivery teams, wash & sanitize their hands & delivery bags after every order – great taste delivered safe you see. All team members, delivery riders also, get screened regularly for temperature checks; wear masks and gloves at all times. Social distancing is followed across restaurants with floor stickers guiding customers and delivery riders to maintain proper distance as they queue up for orders. With limited seating, we can ensure that customers are maintaining the requisite distance from each other, even while dining. And now Colonel Sanders himself occupies the seat next to you; so that’s Sanders, Safety and Scrumptiousness all at one table.

Walk into your nearest restaurant and you may be lucky enough to spot the Colonel. Go on and get clicked with the Colonel; we are sure he won’t mind it.