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Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management students come together to create ‘Global Odyssey’- a street food rendezvous



Honourable Trustee Mrs. Durga Raheja with the students 11zon

On 20th March, the final year students of Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management got together to organize ‘Global Odyssey’- a street food rendezvous. This event consisted of various stalls displaying international street food from around the world. This event turned out to be an absolute treat to the taste buds. Guests were in for a foodie experience with everything from authentic munchies to “food for the gram”.


Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management has been established to facilitate the transition from Hospitality Academics to successful careers in Hospitality. The purpose of the foundation is in creating knowledge and shaping the character of our future generations by challenging them to create new ways of thinking, to reach out and take up tasks beyond their comfort zone and to generate a dynamic paradigm that will shape the future of the world.


The event featured fun, food, and frolic from around the world. The event inception began with the thought of creating an event of fantastic flavors and an experience like no other. The invite was beautifully conceptualized, with handmade gourmet cupcakes and various elements from around the globe.


Each food stall had internationally sourced ingredients for their dishes from the land of Royalty, to the street food Capitals of the world, to the local gullies of India and so much more. Beverage stalls were immaculately thought of with an extensive menu of smoothies, mocktails, teas, and coffees. The lavish dessert stalls featured a wide range of desserts from eleven countries from the Moorish lamington to the exotic baklava and the fun-filled chocolate fountain to gorge on, it was truly a food lover’s heaven. To add to the fun and grandeur, the evening was filled with harmonious music for the energy-packed dances to lift the spirits.


The aesthetically handmade décor transported the guests to another world in itself. To create a buzz an “Experience Centre” was created, where behind the scenes stories of the event were showcased with the help of a hologram. The Reels and stories on the Social Media handles received rave reviews from one and all.


To keep the guests thoroughly entertained and engaged, various games and lucky draws were conducted during the event with the piece de resistance being the Gift Voucher for a stay at Atmantan Wellness Resort. 


The students had an opportunity to mingle with the crème de la crème of the Hospitality industry which included General Managers, Executive Chefs, Entrepreneurs, Rooms Division Managers, Hospitality professionals, and Academicians.


This experience not only enriched the students with hands-on experience but also allowed them to use their creativity and research the various current trends in the market thus giving them the cutting edge to step into the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

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