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Sasmira’s Institute of Design & Textiles (SIDT)  launches Sustainability & ESG Courses for the Fashion and Textile Sector



Mumbai 6th October, 2022: Sasmira’s Institute of Design and Textiles (SIDT) and The Academy for Sustainability (TAS) have announced a collaboration to launch various courses on Sustainability for the Fashion and Textile Sector.

This collaboration aims to educate and train students and professionals to meet the needs of the industry and help inspire and empower the next generation of designers on sustainable fashion designs.

Sasmira’s Institute of Design and Textiles (SIDT) and The Academy for Sustainability (TAS) have launched a series of educational workforce development programs, ranging from training via Certificate and Diploma programs to various tailor-made corporate training programs. The training programs will include online and offline courses on the Basics of Sustainability,  Fashion Sustainability, ESG, Circularity, Sustainable Design, CSR, and Sustainability Reporting for the fashion and textile industry.

Dr. Krishnendu Datta, Dean, SIDT, said, “Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. There is a pressing need for the fashion and textile industry to adopt Sustainability. Taking action on climate change and Sustainability is an imperative, and we all have a role to play. As knowledge providers, our goal is to contribute to the growth of the industry by empowering leaders, professionals, and students  with the skills they need to navigate the demand for Sustainability. Our training programs will expand Sustainability and climate literacy. In collaboration with The Academy for Sustainability, we will offer a robust curriculum of sustainability training & ESG courses.”

Says Ms. Meera Tenguria, Managing Director, The Academy for Sustainability, “Core to the collaboration is a shared goal to support the capacity building in the critical area of Sustainability. We are delighted to collaborate with SIDT  in this innovative program that will support organisations in the fashion and textile industry as they redefine their strategies, embed Sustainability into their operations, and accelerate transformation across their value chains. Our training programs are developed to address sustainability issues across the supply chain. We believe that skilling and upskilling, a deeper understanding, and new insights into Sustainability and ESG will contribute towards the growth of individuals and companies and contribute toward SDG goals.

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